Clearly defined benefits: the key to attracting top talent

Posted: 2018-01-28 23:44:31

Workplace benefits are a significant draw for employees looking for a new role – especially when those benefits are clearly labelled, explains an article on HR News.

A study by Canada Life Group Insurance reveals that 85% of workers are more likely to seek employment at an organisation that offers easy-to-understand benefits. If businesses want to attract and retain talent, they need to make sure the information they provide about employee benefits is clear and unambiguous. Companies looking to attract Millennials should take particular note. 94% of the 25-34-year olds questioned stated that clearer labelling would help their decision about whether to take a role. This means that businesses need to take the time to highlight the value their benefits offer to staff members.

The research also looked at communication surrounding benefits: 37% of respondents feel their employer is very transparent and helpful, while 31% would like more information about the benefits being offered. 19% received benefits-related information when they first joined the company, but had received nothing since, while 13% said they wouldn't know who to ask if they did want to find out more. According to 32% of those questioned, responsibility for sharing benefits information falls with the employer. 20% feel this responsibility should be shared between the employer and the product providers or insurers. Slightly fewer (19%) feel it is up to the individual to make sure they understand the benefits on offer – within the 25-34 age category, this figure rises to 33%.

Talking about the study, Paul Avis, Marketing Director at Canada Life Group Insurance, stated: "It is very encouraging to see that younger employees in particular are taking such an interest in workplace benefits. However, there does seem to be a worrying lack of clarity about what is available and who employees should direct their enquiries to. Proactive, on-going messaging with clear internal ownership is needed."

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