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Why The Holidays Are A Great Time To Look For A New Job

We're right in the swing of the holiday silly season and it’s easy to get distracted by all the festivities going on around you and for many jobseekers, job searches across the globe will get put on the back burner.  With many Aussies waiting until after Christmas to start...

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Date Posted: 18-12-2018

7 Exploration Questions for Job Seekers To Find Out What They're Good At

In any job search, it's important to know what you're good at. While that can sometimes be a bit of a daunting self-reflection question to ask yourself, especially if you've been taught not to brag about yourself, it's a question that you should feel confident &am...

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Date Posted: 02-08-2018

5 tips for getting the hiring manager or recruiter to respond to your email quickly

So you've decided it's time to look for a new job, and in your search, you come across a company that is calling your name. Everything about this job is perfect, you were basically born to do it! So you send out an amazing email, expecting that your superior skills and out...

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Date Posted: 09-05-2018

15 ways to pimp your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has fast become a necessity in any job hunt, whether you’re using recruitment consultants or going it alone. It’s the biggest and best social media networking tool for professionals and, love it or hate it, it’s where any potential employer will go to check out your cr...

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Date Posted: 22-01-2018

Interviews: how to make a good first impression

“You’ve only got one chance to make a first impression”. Whilst this phrase has come to be a cliché nowadays, it’s a very true fact and one that we in the recruitment industry ought to stand by. You may still struggle with making the first impression you want to wh...

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Date Posted: 21-09-2017

80% of workers have experienced a career slump – have you?

Most of us have experienced a career slump at some point in our lives. However, while the feeling is unfortunately common, it often results in unwanted consequences for workers and employers alike. As goal-oriented beings, humans have an innate need for progression. We crave challenges, desir...

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Date Posted: 29-06-2017

6 must-ask interview questions to find the best candidates

If you were only allowed six questions to quiz a candidate in an interview, what would they be? Hiring managers sometimes feel the need to ask ‘creative’ questions, which only serve to discourage good candidates and could even result in a bad hire. You know the sort of questions w...

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Date Posted: 23-06-2017

Six ways agencies can nurture your talent

Written by Lead Consultant Eloise Gottlieb As a recruitment consultant for brand, design and content agencies, I am privileged to be part of London’s unrivalled creative community. The people who work in it are the most talented bunch you’ll meet and the work they produce is worl...

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Date Posted: 13-06-2017

Can putting the word 'digital' in your CV improve your chances of getting hired?

These are technology-driven days that we are living in and so it follows that as our digital dependency grows, tech-based skills will become ever more invaluable. Yet digital skills are not just helpful for navigating and completing work, they can actually improve your chances of getting hired, too....

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Date Posted: 17-05-2017

How to take control of your career progression

Too often there’s a disconnect between those that consider themselves career-minded and the actions they take to propel themselves up the career ladder. In today’s working environment, it’s not enough to just excel at your job and hope that alone will bring the recognition and r...

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Date Posted: 09-05-2017

Ten top tips for your next marketing interview

As if preparing for an interview wasn’t already nerve-wracking enough, marketing positions have a reputation for pushing candidates to the next level. The digital marketing industry is highly competitive, but there are opportunities out there. You just need to use all the tools at your disposa...

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Date Posted: 23-03-2017

Study finds millennials' pay and career progression hindered by job loyalty

Millennials may be stereotyped as lazy and disloyal, but a newly published study is sure to make us reassess our assumptions. It seems the supposed job-hopping millennials are actually far more loyal than we first thought. In fact, they are so loyal that it is having an "unprecedented"...

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Date Posted: 03-03-2017

Top tips to advance your career

Have you made it your New Year's resolution to take the next step in your career, or try to land that dream marketing job? You're not the only one; the first few months of the year are some of the busiest months for recruitment, with candidates looking for a fresh start and companies itc...

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Date Posted: 24-02-2017

10 New Year's Resolutions To Make 2017 The Best Year Yet For Your Career

Happy New Year! Alright, so we know you've heard it all before, but the truth is January is the perfect time to give your professional life a boost and set career goals for the coming year. The Undercover Recruiter has rounded up 10 of the best career resolutions to make this year and w...

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Date Posted: 03-01-2017

Do prolific networkers make better entrepreneurs?

Prolific networkers are more likely to experience entrepreneurial success, according to new research released by The Economist Intelligence Unit. The study finds that informal professional networks and communities are more important for entrepreneurial success than formal structures such as...

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Date Posted: 01-12-2016

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