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Are companies doing enough to actualise employee potential?

Do you think the company you work for does enough to actualise your potential? If you answered no, you're not alone. A new study conducted by Cascade HR polled more than 440 human resources professionals, and found that 44% felt that the workforce didn't have enough suppor...

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Date Posted: 29-01-2018

Five ways to keep your employees motivated this Christmas

Christmas may be all laughs, elves and eggnog outside of work hours, but for employers, the holiday season brings with it a whole host of potential problems. 'Tis the season of last-minute holiday requests and the dreaded office flu, after all! So, what's a HR manager to do? In a piec...

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Date Posted: 14-12-2017

Workers who spend less time in office found to be more 'innovative'

It's no secret: stagnancy is a creativity killer and new research from King's College London's King's Business School and the University of Amsterdam has confirmed exactly that. The research found that employees are more 'innovative' if they leave the office ...

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Date Posted: 10-11-2017

The best ways to lure, and then retain, the best staff

Employers could increase employee motivation by understanding the science behind the impact of pay and reward on employee behaviour. As such, here are five low-cost hacks to incentivising staff. Essentially, employees’ perceptions of rewards are defined by the circumstances in which they ar...

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Date Posted: 01-03-2016

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Office Really Is Diverse, Inclusive, and Welcoming

Do you have a truly diverse office? Follow these 5 useful tips to see where you may be able to improve: 1. Learn What Diversity Actually Means A common mistake people make is to think diversity only pertains to race and gender. It’s completely understandable: Whether we’re male or ...

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Date Posted: 26-02-2016

Signs An Employee Is About To Leave

At this time of year a lot of people are considering big changes in their lives, especially when it comes down to their career. They’ve spent the first month of 2016 deliberating their options and have decided, action should be taken. Despite being the shortest month of the year, February a...

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Date Posted: 23-02-2016

The Woman Who Created Netflix's Enviable Company Culture

It's easy to forget that before it became the streaming giant it is today with hits like Making a Murderer, House of Cards, and Orange Is the New Black, Netflix was a DVD-by-mail business. It’s hard to imagine now that the world’s largest subscription streaming video servic...

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Date Posted: 16-02-2016

13 Habits of Extraordinary Bosses

Below are a set of habits that define how ideal leaders behave when they've got their beliefs aligned the right way. Here they are: 1. They collaborate rather than grandstand Extraordinary bosses realise that success doesn't have to entail only individual accomplishment. They redefine ...

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Date Posted: 22-01-2016

8 awesome ways to increase your team’s productivity and performance

Almost two thirds of Australian employees admit they’re doing the bare minimum at work; doing just enough to avoid getting fired but not enough to feel like they’ve had a tough day at work. 21% of Australians believe they could be more productive. According to Ernst & Young, this all...

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Date Posted: 26-11-2015

Don’t doubt loyalty, employees want to stay

Almost 70 per cent of Australians want to stay with an employer for more than five years, according to a poll of 6,537 Australians. With employees ready and willing to remain loyal the onus is on employers to look after their staff, since loyalty and continuous skills and career development should b...

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Date Posted: 25-11-2015

How to improve your company's new-hire experience

When it comes to employee engagement and retainment, it pays to start off on the right foot. That's why, when a new member joins your team, it's important to make sure that their onboarding experience is as positive as possible to ensure they feel included from the very beginning. As a re...

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Date Posted: 15-09-2015

5 simple employee engagement activities

Disengaged employees make for unmotivated and less productive employees; so with this in mind, it pays for employers to invest in employee engagement tactics and strategies that boost morale and, as a result, productivity. A recent Business2Community article offered the following suggestions for ...

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Date Posted: 04-09-2015

How to encourage staff to provide meaningful feedback

Assessing how staff feel about their role and working environment is crucial for both employee engagement and business performance. But how can you ensure that this information is accurate, and that staff will be willing to provide it? A recent article on the Personnel Today website notes that th...

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Date Posted: 13-08-2015

The Top 9 Things That Motivate Employees to Achieve

When you wake up in the morning, what is the passion that fuels you to start your day?  If others asked you what drives you to achieve, would the answer be obvious?   The triggers that motivate people to achieve are unique for everyone.  Many would say its money; more people are ...

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Date Posted: 28-07-2015

How employers can be more inclusive

Unconscious bias in the workplace is one of the biggest contributors to low staff morale, low engagement levels and poor retention rates. A recent article on the Time magazine website looked at how we can be more inclusive – for employers, this means ensuring that every employee feels they are...

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Date Posted: 10-07-2015

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