Five ways to keep your employees motivated this Christmas

Posted: 2017-12-14 02:56:35

Christmas may be all laughs, elves and eggnog outside of work hours, but for employers, the holiday season brings with it a whole host of potential problems. 'Tis the season of last-minute holiday requests and the dreaded office flu, after all!

So, what's a HR manager to do? In a piece for HR News, Adrian Lewis, absence management expert at Activ Absence, shares some advice for keeping staff productive, merry and bright well into Christmas and beyond. Here are five of our favourite suggestions:

Let them decorate

Offices can be drab spaces, so why not let them deck the halls (or at least their desks)? It may seem counterproductive, but making the office more fun can actually boost motivation and engagement.

Say thank you

Christmas is the perfect excuse to give your team a big pat on the back for all their hard work. Whether it's a few chocolates in the break room or a team breakfast on the last working day, let them know you've appreciated their efforts this year.

Establish some Christmas ground rules

Rules may not seem very Christmassy, but forming some for office party etiquette may save some awkwardness come the New Year. Additionally, make sure everyone is clear about what work needs to be done over the festive period before they all jet off.

Give them something to look forward to

January is known for its post-Christmas slump in motivation. Get ahead of the glumness by setting some fun plans up for the New Year; it could be a day out, a team building exercise or welcome back drinks.

Consider flexible working

Flexible working is a crowd pleaser all year around, but it can be a big morale booster during the festive period. Let people work remotely or alternate hours if they need to be home for a delivery or have a child in a school play. If it's not feasible for your office, allow them to order deliveries to work.

Fortunately, many of these tips can be implemented year-round and have a sizeable impact on staff attraction, retention and productivity rates. Need some more ideas? Give Stopgap a call today.

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