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Flexible Working

Remote working ā€“ help or hindrance?

Is remote working really all it’s cracked up to be? It promises a better work-life balance, but in reality remote workers tend to work longer hours, causing them to blend their personal and professional lives, leading to higher levels of stress, new research has shown. Maybe we need to get ...

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Date Posted: 28-04-2017

50% of employees still concerned over their work-life balance

  Ah, the dreaded work-life balance. It is a key concern of the majority of the workforce. Many businesses are heeding their employees' calls and are developing flexible workspaces that promote a healthier work-life balance. Yet, research conducted by Barnett Waddingham, the ...

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Date Posted: 05-10-2016

Workplace flexibility & how it's reshaping the Australian Workforce

Workplace flexibility comes in a number of guises. It can mean more options in terms of place, time or patterns of work – e.g. longer hours in exchange for fewer workdays. It can also mean new approaches to work, like job sharing or new kinds of workspaces and business structure.  ...

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Date Posted: 18-08-2016

Add to the bottom line with flexible working policies

Just under two thirds of companies have witnessed increased profits as a result of introducing flexible working policies, HR Magazine reports. The findings come as a result of Vodafone's Flexible: friend or foe? survey which questioned 8,000 employers and employees. The survey revealed tha...

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Date Posted: 17-02-2016

Flexible working helps women succeed but makes men unhappy, study finds

Women with flexible work arrangements are more likely to succeed and enjoy promotions, while men with similar working arrangements feel discouraged, harshly judged and that their career has been jeopardised, joint research from Bain & Company and Chief Executive Women has found. Researchers a...

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Date Posted: 11-02-2016

The agile office ā€“ why flexibility is the key to productivity

So, what makes for a productive office environment? The (admittedly not very helpful) answer is ‘it depends’. It depends who you are, your personality type, your line of work, your priorities and what you’re trying to achieve at that given moment. And the answer can change for t...

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Date Posted: 02-07-2015

Flexible Working Works ā€“ Job Sharing

In my first article on flexible working I shared my beliefs on some of the many benefits it affords businesses and some of the barriers to a greater adoption of it. Flexible working comes in so many different forms e.g ad hoc ‘working from home days’ to compressed hours, working part tim...

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Date Posted: 07-05-2015

Work-Life Balance Important For Junior Employees, Study Shows

A recent report by The Future Workplace has found that junior level employees value a work-life balance more than employees working at higher levels. According to the results, as cited by HR Magazine, 42% of junior level employees believe that a good work-life balance makes them happier and work mor...

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Date Posted: 24-04-2015

Flexible working works - Part 1

Written by Claire Owen – Stopgap Founder & Leader of Vision & Values. Flexible working works - and I say this from first hand experience. We’ve offered flexible or agile working as it’s sometimes known, for many years. In our London office we currently have 27% of the St...

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Date Posted: 16-03-2015

Work-life balance tops for job seekers

WORK-LIFE balance is the top priority for Australian jobseekers in 2015, trumping salary, career progression and job title, according to new research. More than 3,000 professionals and hiring managers were surveyed across Australia, showing work-life balance, including flexible arrangements, has ...

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Date Posted: 05-02-2015

Employers Embrace Flexible Working As Absence Management Tool

The other day I read that many employees have come to value flexible working arrangements above pay. Employers that get on board with this can reap benefits such as higher motivation and improved productivity. It now seems that companies are betting on flexible working to deal with rising absence le...

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Date Posted: 19-06-2014

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