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Job Hunting Tips

15 ways to pimp your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has fast become a necessity in any job hunt, whether you’re using recruitment consultants or going it alone. It’s the biggest and best social media networking tool for professionals and, love it or hate it, it’s where any potential employer will go to check out your cr...

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Date Posted: 22-01-2018

Bouncing Back from a Redundancy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Redundancy can be a horrible experience for any employee causing stress and worry. There's no doubt it can be a troubling experience, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world. Take a look at StandOut CV’s guide on how to bounce back from redundancy and transiti...

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Date Posted: 25-10-2016

Writing a killer agency CV – top tips

Agency account handling roles require candidates with both creativity and strong business acumen. You may have solid account handling skills, but unless this is reflected in your CV, you may be overlooked for some great agency roles! So, how can you ensure clarity and standout in this competitive ma...

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Date Posted: 29-01-2016

Six job hunting myths

When it comes to marketing recruitment, there are a number of myths that often cloud people’s perceptions of job searching. Here we present six of these recruitment myths and tell you the truth behind them…   1. "A CV is a comprehensive record of your qualifications...

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Date Posted: 18-01-2016

How to Maintain Your Sanity and Confidence Between Jobs

Anyone who’s ever lost their job, either through redundancy or a good old fashioned firing will tell you it’s a less than pleasant experience. Even more unnerving is the dreadful realisation that you have to support yourself until you find another job; the clock is ticking! If yo...

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Date Posted: 15-01-2016

5 reasons to start your marketing job search in January

1. Everyone was thinking about other things in the run up to Christmas From a work perspective many fiscal years run January to December and marketing people were accruing their end of year budgets, catching up on end of year plans and summarising what had worked and not worked over the last 12 m...

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Date Posted: 14-01-2016

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Job Hunt

It’s no secret that finding a job is one of life’s most stressful searches, particularly if you’ve been out of the game for some time. That’s the tough task facing around 50,000 young Australians as the youth unemployment rate (15 to 24 year olds) bubbles away at around 13...

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Date Posted: 06-01-2016

Tackling the Transition From Uni to the Working World

Graduating uni and moving into the working world is an exciting time, but it can also be extremely overwhelming. The past few years of your life have been spent under a safety rug studying through uni and all of a sudden that rug has been lifted. And it’s cold out there. They try to prep...

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Date Posted: 04-01-2016

Getting the best out of your recruitment agency

When you’re looking for a new job, it’s key that you make the most of all options available to you and one of these is using recruitment agencies effectively. There are lots of unscrupulous recruiters out there, so even if you don’t choose to work with Stopgap, we want to make sure...

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Date Posted: 21-10-2015

Getting back to work after a career break

What do new parents, those filled with wanderlust and One Direction have in common? Career breaks, of course. People take career breaks for a range of reasons. From looking after young children to getting a new perspective on life, the idea of taking a sabbatical is an appealing one. In that time...

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Date Posted: 02-10-2015

10 tips for staying motivated

When it comes to looking for a new marketing job, staying motivated and positive is key, but not always easy if you’ve had knock-backs or it’s taking longer than you’d hoped. Our experienced and passionate marketing recruitment consultants have worked with thousands of candidates o...

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Date Posted: 29-09-2015

Common job application myths busted

Job hunting is an art form. For the very best outcome it requires attention to the finer detail. One of the key technical skills needed to succeed is an ability to cut through the myths. If you can see the wood for the trees and bypass these myths you’ll boost your chances of clinching the ...

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Date Posted: 14-09-2015

Job search gut check: 8 questions before you apply

How do you measure success in your job search? Obviously a successful job search results in a great new job, but along the way you're probably focused on the number of applications submitted, or interviews landed. Here's the problem, if you're applying and i...

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Date Posted: 27-08-2015

8 dodgy recruitment practices that all candidates should be aware of

There’s no getting away from it – elements of the recruitment industry suffer from a bad reputation and hearing some of the stories our candidates tell us, we’re not surprised. But the bad boys can be spotted and avoided if you look out for the following eight bad recruitment pract...

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Date Posted: 25-08-2015

How to search optimise your CV

Whether you’re applying directly to a company, using a recruitment agency or uploading your CV to an online database, it’s likely that your CV will be one of hundreds or thousands to be searched using a digital tool. In most instances, this happens before it gets seen by a pair of human ...

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Date Posted: 19-08-2015

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