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Staying Motivated

When it comes to looking for a new marketing job, staying motivated and positive is key, but not always easy if you’ve had knock-backs or it’s taken longer than you’d hoped.

Our experienced and passionate marketing recruitment consultants have worked with thousands of candidates over the years through the highs and lows of their job hunts and have put together their top 10 tips for staying motivated.

  • Surround yourself with positive people - ideally those who have been in a similar place to you right now and have succeeded.
  • Focus on what you want from your new marketing job - avoid spending time, energy and emotion focusing on what is wrong in your current employment situation. Instead, focus on building a strong, vivid picture of the type of marketing work you really want.
  • Give yourself goals - write down 6 transferable skills that you want to use in your next job and your ‘must haves’ for the role e.g. location, money, and responsibility. Set yourself a deadline before which you won’t compromise. This really helps you stay focused on your priorities and gives you a sense of urgency.
  • Ask five trusted friends and colleagues that you respect to tell you: what they most admire about you; what they consider to be your greatest strengths and what they value most about your relationship.

      You might be surprised with the answers that they give (It's also good to reciprocate and tell           them what you value about your relationship with them!).

  • Arrange your schedule to devote time to job hunting and preparing for interview – you're seeking an exciting and profitable new opportunity and it is those who get-up-and-go who will get it first. There is an equation that reads Luck = Preparedness meeting Opportunity. Ensure that you are fully prepared and always looking for opportunities.
  • Enthusiasm secures more marketing jobs than any other attribute – remember, it is relatively easy for a company to fill any hard skills gaps with a training course (or for you to do so yourself!) but enthusiasm cannot be 'given' to you. It comes from within. If you do not feel genuinely enthusiastic about a particular marketing job, think again. If you do, display it - it will be one of the most attractive things about you during the selection and interview process.
  • Take action towards your new marketing career every day - even if it is something small, like making one phone call, completing a task every day will maintain momentum and ensures that you are one step closer to success.
  • Keep yourself well - changing permanent marketing jobs can be stressful, so ensure that you are in great condition to meet any challenges that face you. That means plenty of sleep, drink lots of water (sorry, heavy drinking sessions are not recommended!) taking more exercise, enjoying good-tasting healthy food and feeling great about your increased energy levels.
  • Notice when things get you down and eliminate them - these can be small things that you would normally brush off, like the blown light bulb in the cupboard, or bigger things such as a friend who leaves you feeling flat and depressed after meeting. So limit the time you spend with that friend and eliminate five of the smaller items each week.
  • Clear the decks - be primed for an interview at a moment's notice. Work on your personal space: create the psychological feeling that you are ready for this new marketing job at any time (sometimes things can move very quickly indeed). Ensure that your clothes are in tip-top condition with all dry cleaning up-to-date and gain the confidence from knowing that you are ready to go!

Getting the best out of your recruitment agency

When you’re looking for a new job, it’s key that you make the most of all options available to you and one of these is using recruitment agencies effectively. There are lots of unscrupulous recruiters out there, so even if you don’t choose to work with Stopgap, we want to make sure you have all the advice at your finger tips, so here are a few key pointers:

How to identify and choose a suitable recruitment agency to work with

  • Perhaps we’re being obvious, but it’s usually best to go with recommendations from people whose opinion you respect
  • Generally, it’s best to work with agencies that specialise in your industry, and have positive brand recognition in your sector.
  • When meeting with a consultant make sure you get to know them to see if you can work with them on a personal level – the better the chemistry fit, the more you’ll enjoy working together.
  • Check out their website for the types of roles they advertise
  • Do you feel that the consultant knows enough about you, your experience and your career goals to be able to advise you in the best way? Have you met the consultant personally or at least had a detailed telephone interview?
  • Check that your CV will be shared with other consultants so you get to hear about every opportunity – some consultants will be cagey about sharing good candidates because of the way commission structure works in many agencies.
  • Are you happy for that consultant/company to represent your personal brand to potential employers?  There’s often only one chance to be considered for a role and you need to be sure that you’re being presented well.

Benefits of a close working relationship

  • The closer your relationship, the better the results will be – the more they know about you, your strengths and your goals, the better placed you’ll be against others in a similar situation.

Things you should avoid when establishing the relationship

  • Avoid spreading yourself too thinly – using two to three agencies at most will enable you to build meaningful relationships with the relevant consultants.
  • You are selling yourself, not your house! Less can actually be more. A client that is seeing your details across their desk six times from different agencies can leave a negative impression.

What should you do if you’re dissatisfied with your relationship?

  • Talk and be honest
  • It’s as much about keeping your consultant up-to-date with your situation as it is their responsibility to keep you up-to-date with feedback.
  • If you’re not getting enough feedback, ask for more - you’re entitled to it!

Three top tips…

1. Don’t chop and change – invest the time in building long-term relationships. A good recruitment agency can be your long-term career partner!

2. Remember that the consultant is your best, and only, representative until you get in front of the client yourself.

3. Be proactive – keep in touch with your consultant and call them even if they do not call you.

Good Luck!