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StopGap Consultant

The Serious Bit

Helen started in the recruitment industry in early 2000.  After getting a fairly decent degree and post grad in Psych (which was great fun and trained her well for dealing with people!), buying into a public house and setting up a restaurant to flex her entrepreneurial beast, she chanced upon a role at an independent recruitment consultancy in the UK where she learnt her trade in IT recruitment.  It lasted a year! javascript, oracle and C++ just didn't do it for her.  

She joined Mash Media, the leading publisher of magazines and directories for the event, exhibition, meetings and conference sectors.  Helen managed the recruitment arm of the business, specialising in media, marketing and publishing recruitment. 

After Mash Media, she took a brief spell out of recruitment to work for talkSPORT radio, managing direct sales.

In late 2003, Helen was lucky enough to receive an offer to move to Sydney, to join Ross Specialist, the executive arm of Julia Ross recruitment, managing the sales, marketing and commercial operations team.  Helen and her team managed an extensive client portfolio, offering executive search and contingent services to a range of clients spanning the larger corporates including Telstra, Woolworth's, CBA, NAB, Macquarie Bank, Costco, Qantas and Microsoft through to the smaller and emerging Australian business'.

Between 2008 and 2010, Helen worked for 2 recruitment organisations Gemteq and the Godfrey Group, managing multiple teams who supported wealth management, travel, legal, telco, publishing and retail clients. 

As of October 2010, Helen joined Stopgap Sydney as business head.  Over 8 years later, she is still getting a buzz out of helping support talented marketers find their dream jobs. What is important to Helen and her team is continuing to develop strong and long-standing client and candidate relationships.

Helen is a pragmatic operational manager and leader of diverse teams with over 18 years of recruitment industry experience including working with a successful start-up. A specialist in turning around ailing business units and developing high performers to improve performance through broad commercial and industry awareness, tight control on revenue growth, P&L management and staff engagement.

The Fun Bit

When I was little I wanted to be…

a professional athlete.  My absolute dream was to be good enough to compete in the Olympic games for England.  They were short lived - they say practise makes perfect - it also makes for dodgy knees! 

My first ever job was…

setting up a car cleaning business in Leamington Spa, UK with my best friend Madeline Greenwood.  We were 14. We thought we were going to be millionaires ... quickly. We charged £3.50 for a full service - vacuum, wash and polish.  Summertime was great, Winter a killer on the hands .. 

The most daring thing I’ve ever done is…

jumping out of a plane from 1400 ft, with a raging hangover whilst celebrating NY in 2006.  I successfully landed on Coolum Beach, QLD with no sign of the hangover!

In my spare time you can find me…

with a tennis racket in my hand trying to improve my topspin, watching my beloved Liverpool FC play the beautiful game, enjoying beachside walks with my gorgeous partner and our white furry friend 'Zac' or enjoying a nice bottle of red and a cheeseboard with friends and family.

The brand I am most passionate about is…

Can't decide between 2 ..

IKEA, not because I am an avid shopper there but .. what a smart business strategy.  You can pretty much furnish and decorate your entire house using just one brand if you choose to. They offer loads of options for each type of product, a great loyalty programme (that also offers free coffee to 'family members!).  They have effectively created a place where loyal customers don’t really need to look elsewhere to satisfy all their home decorating needs. They get some pretty funky designers on board and I must confess I could lose hours wandering through their stores looking at how they manage to make a 50 sqm unit look soooo big and liveable.

Converse 'All Stars' - lovingly known as a pair of chucks ... a simple design that's universally recognised, come in super cool colours, long lasting and economical.  So economical, you want 3 pairs in different colours. You can even create a custom pair! uber cool.

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