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Freelance and permanent marketing recruitment

Stopgap is one of Australia’s most successful marketing recruitment agencies, offering both freelance and permanent marketing recruitment services.  Whether you’re a candidate looking for a new freelance or permanent marketing job, or a client on the lookout for a fantastic marketing candidate, you’ve come to the right place!

With over 18 years of recruitment experience, Stopgap was the UK’s first freelance marketing agency and has now expanded to offer freelance and permanent marketing recruitment services in London and Sydney.  At Stopgap, we recruit for all marketing roles, covering advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing, PR, sales promotion, integrated, experiential, design and in-house marketing jobs.

We’re not your typical marketing recruitment agency and we don’t want you to have a ‘typical’ marketing recruitment experience. Here at Stopgap, we work with the biggest and best clients, making us the first port of call for freelance and permanent marketing jobs!

Your perfect role is waiting to be discovered amongst our range of marketing jobs, so take a look around to find out more about us, how we work and how Stopgap can help you with your marketing job search.

People we work with

  • Mercer
  • US
  • ING
  • Iris
  • Ubank
  • SciFi
  • Australian Power & Gas
  • TV1
  • Lavendar
  • Cancer Council
  • Sydney Herald
  • PHD

Latest news from Stopgap

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