Team Meeting with Hiring Managers

Employee Experience: What Candidates Really Want To Know About

Employee Experience: What Candidates Really Want To Know About

Posted on October 2018 By Ellie Somers

Team Meeting with Hiring Managers

For many recruiters, there's always been a temptation to give candidates as much information about a company as possible. However, is a lecture on the history of an organisation really what potential employees want to hear?

The answer is no.

This was the message delivered to attendees at global research and advisory firm Gartner's ReimagineHR Summit 2018 this September. Dion Love, one of Gartner's principal executive advisers, said that employees who insisted on giving candidates the minutiae of a firm's history risk driving talent away.

During his presentation, Love explained: "They don't want to hear that the company started in 1873 and has offices in 80 countries. Dial all that back. People don't want to hear it folks."

Love continued by making the point that too much information could do just as much harm as too little. The more this happens, the more candidates will end up making bad decisions about job opportunities.

According to Love, what today's candidates want is "to know what it is going to look like, to feel like and what is my personal experience going to be".

Employers that are steering the conversation away from employer branding (aka talking about themselves) and towards what is of value to candidates are seeing positive results.

"Talent want stories about the employment experience and not about the organisation," he continued. The best way to convey these kinds of messages is through existing employees.

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