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Job Hunting Advice


From CVs to interviews to the wonders of LinkedIn, we've created a comprehensive set of downloadable guides to help you every step of the way to securing your dream job.  

Create A Compelling cv

Are you a savvy marketer who knows the art of creating compelling first impressions and capturing attention with your copy? But when it comes to selling yourself, why does it often feel more challenging than promoting a product or service?

At Stopgap, we understand your struggle, and we've been there to assist countless professionals just like you in crafting outstanding CVs. We've harnessed our collective expertise to bring you an invaluable resource, a downloadable guide that equips you with the skills you need to shine during telephone interviews. This guide covers CV types, formatting, content, and even showcases examples of both the right and wrong approaches - in a nutshell, everything you require to embark on a journey to success.

Are you ready to script your own success story? It's time to empower yourself. Download our guide here and take the first step towards achieving the career opportunities you truly deserve.


Congratulations! You've made it to the interview stage, and now it's time to tackle those challenging competency-based questions. You know the ones – they ask you to "describe a time when," "give an example of how," or "tell me about a situation." They can be real head-scratchers that often catch candidates off guard.

But fear not, these questions are not designed to trip you up. In fact, they're an opportunity for you to showcase your unique experiences and approach to specific situations. There's no one-size-fits-all answer, and it's all about how you react and behave in those scenarios.

The key to acing competency-based interviews? Preparation. We've pooled our expertise to create a concise guide that will equip you to handle these questions like a pro. It's not just about the questions themselves; it covers a broad spectrum of commonly asked topics such as leadership, adaptability, teamwork, and problem-solving – everything you need to make a lasting impression on interview day.

Ready to exude confidence in showcasing your competencies? Dive into the downloadable guide here and step into your interview with the assurance you deserve.


Unknown number flashing on your screen? Don't fret, it might just be your future role!

Telephone interviews, a necessary step in today's competitive job market, often come as a surprise. But worry not, we've got your back. At Stopgap, we've assisted countless individuals like you in acing their telephone interviews and unlocking the doors to their dream careers.

Why settle for average when you can be exceptional? We've harnessed our wealth of experience and expertise to create an invaluable downloadable guide, designed specifically to steer you towards telephone interview success. This comprehensive resource will equip you with the knowledge to prepare effectively, conquer any technology hurdles, and communicate your best self when you're armed with nothing but words.

Ready to dive in? Explore our downloadable guide right here, and let's pave the way to your bright future.


Is your online presence helping or hindering your job search?

As a marketer, you're well aware of the power (and potential pitfalls) of social and professional networks. 

More than ever, employers make LinkedIn their first port of call to research candidates so it's imperative that your online profile does you justice.  Our people have helped thousands of people just like you to perfect their profile and help them go on to get the career opportunities they deserve. 

We've gathered all this expertise together to create a short downloadable advice guide to help you prosper from your LinkedIn profile. It covers how to write, what to write, how to be found and how to stand out - in short, everything you need to get noticed. 

Let's get writing your perfect profile. Read the downloadable guide here.​


When it comes to embarking on the journey of finding your dream marketing job, maintaining your motivation and positivity is absolutely essential. We understand that it can be challenging, especially when you've faced setbacks or when the search takes longer than anticipated.

At our agency, our team of dedicated and empathetic marketing recruitment consultants have been alongside countless candidates, supporting them through the highs and lows of their job-hunting adventures. Drawing from this wealth of experience, we've created a valuable, bite-sized guide that's ready for you to download.

Let us be your source of inspiration and guidance on your quest for that perfect role. Explore the transformative insights in our downloadable guide, right here.Your dream job is closer than you think.


We understand that as an accomplished marketer, filling out application forms may seem like an unnecessary step in your already successful career journey. However, the truth is, application forms are more common than you might think, particularly in the Not-For-Profit and Education sectors, where employers are deeply committed to upholding equal opportunity standards.

At Stopgap, we're here to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to conquer application forms effortlessly. We know that your valuable experience deserves recognition, and we want to help you stand out in your application.

Discover the secrets to successful application form completion in our exclusive downloadable guide. Start paving the way to your future career achievements today. Access the Application Form guide here.


Congratulations on landing that interview opportunity! But now, you might be wondering, "What's next?"

Whether this is your first or fiftieth interview, one thing remains true - the anticipation and anxiety that come with interviews are universal. Take a deep breath; we believe in your potential, and that's why we've chosen you for this opportunity. However, remember that a little preparation can make a world of difference.

We've harnessed our expertise to create a valuable downloadable guide that will empower you to excel during your interview. Our guide is your go-to resource, covering essential aspects like crafting a standout presentation, handling common questions with finesse, mastering the art of body language, and adopting the powerful STARS (Situation/Task/Action/Result/Skills) approach. We also delve into what interviewers genuinely seek in candidates and what you should aim to gain from the interview.

In essence, it's your roadmap to ensuring you shine on the big day. Let's embrace this challenge head-on together. You can access the guide right here.

Now that you're armed with all the tools to confidently look for work, why not check out our job board and see if there's an opportunity matched to your experience? Or register with Stopgap and one of our consultants will be in touch to speak further through your experience & job search!