Relationship Building with Recruitment Agencies

Building relationships with specialist agencies is the best way to find your perfect role

Building relationships with specialist agencies is the best way to find your perfect role

Posted on March 2019 By Ellie Somers

Relationship Building with Recruitment Agencies

A new survey has revealed that more than half of candidates (64%) used a recruitment agency to find a job last year. That probably explains why 42% said they found getting work easy.

Surveying 500 candidates, the survey conducted by VHR also found that 88% were not driven by money when looking for a new role. Instead, candidates look for good communication with their recruitment consultant, help with interview preparation, and reassurance about the recruitment process. 

Poor communication is cited as a reason to look for jobs elsewhere, so keeping open good lines of communication, nurturing relationships, and maintaining a high level of transparency are key.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of those questioned said that the most important thing was to have a good relationship with their recruitment agency, because that relationship could potentially last for years.

The closer the relationship, the better a recruiter gets to know a candidate, understand their skills and where they'd like to take their career. Over time, a strong relationship can mean satisfied candidates and a higher success rate for recruiters.

More than a quarter (26%) of respondents said working with a recruiter who has a specialism in their career or industry was the most important factor in finding a job, as it means the recruiter will better understand how the industry works and offer insight into new relevant trends.

The findings suggest that recruiters must focus on building close relationships and maintaining consistent communication with candidates. By providing the very best client service, recruiters can help candidates climb the career ladder and get the best out the hiring process.

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