Team Stopgap Winter Retreat 2019

3 years on - What i've learned working in Recruitment!

3 years on - What i've learned working in Recruitment!

Posted on April 2019 By Hilary Williams

Team Stopgap Winter Retreat 2019

I'm soon to celebrate my 3rd year anniversary in recruitment and I wanted to take some time out to reflect on what I've learned.

Recruitment is about people, people as a candidate or as a client. Having worked in the Entertainment industry for most of my career and now in recruitment, I'd consider myself a people person as getting to know, understand and communicate with people from all over the world has always come naturally and that's what I've loved about working at Stopgap- it's all about the people!

Gaining feedback from candidates is invaluable to see what they consider important as well as teaching me as a consultant. The two things I can take away are:

1) Always be there

Make sure you get back to people, keep them up to date on what is happening and answer any questions they may have. Whether that is giving feedback on their CV or prepping them for an interview.

2) Be professional, friendly and approachable

Be open and upfront, your true self and respectful of the individual circumstances of the candidate or client.

These are the reasons I joined Stopgap Australia; they were friendly, loyal, open and genuine and I am proud to be celebrating my 3rd year with them.

If you are a candidate looking for your next opportunity or are a client looking for your next marketing guru, I'd love to share the Stopgap experience with you so please feel free to get in touch - email: or phone: 02 8270 7171.