Top Growing Emerging Professions for Creative Industries

Marketing, Content and Sales amongst the fastest growing 'emerging professions'

Marketing, Content and Sales amongst the fastest growing 'emerging professions'

Posted on January 2020 By Nicholas Farley

Top Growing Emerging Professions for Creative Industries

Marketing, content and sales roles to see a 44% increase by 2022

Social media jobs are set to be among the most in-demand positions as the new economy gives marketing roles a boost.

That’s according to the World Economic Forum, which has released its Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy report.

Sales, Marketing and Content are one of seven key professional clusters that the study identifies to emerge within the new economy – and is one of it’s fastest growing sectors.

This category in the study is set to increase by 43.7% - with 125 jobs per 10,000 to be in this field.

This study depicts that these emerging professions are set to create 6.1 million jobs between 2020 and 2022, and 17% of those are in the field of Sales, Marketing and Content.

“Emerging professions also reflect the continuing importance of human interaction in the new economy, giving rise to greater demand for care economy jobs; roles in marketing, sales and content production; as well as roles at the forefront of people and culture,” states the report.

Specific job roles which see the most growth is a social media assistant, which is the number one emerging job title across all of these industries, followed by growth hacker, customer success specialist and social media coordinator.

The World Economic Forum also identifies the necessary skills for the new economy.

A combination of tech baseline skills such as social media and soft skills like leadership are expected to be favoured in these emerging professions.

Digital marketing, business management, digital literacy and advertising are all also considered to be critical skills for candidates looking to move into these roles.

The report also highlights the distinctive learning trajectories required to attain these desired skills.

Digital marketing, SEO, content marketing strategy, viral marketing and the science of well-being are the five key learning trajectories for Marketing, Sales and Content professionals.

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