Golden tree stands out in middle of the forest

What is the best way to get noticed by recruiters?

What is the best way to get noticed by recruiters?

Posted on September 2020 By Nicholas Farley

Golden tree stands out in middle of the forest

The Undercover Recruiter recently asked experts in the recruitment industry about the secrets of getting hired and they shared some pieces of wisdom on how to get a recruiter to notice you.

Jo Cresswell – Corporate Communications Manager at Glassdoor

“When initially getting in touch with a recruiter with your CV, be sure to chose your keywords deliberately. Recruiters may use computer software to scan CVs before they make their way to human eyes. Therefore, look carefully through the job description of the role you’re applying to and ensure that relevant keywords are in your CV.

For this same reason, it’s important not to treat your CV as a one size fits all. Make sure you tailor your CV for any job that you’re applying for. Once in contact, make sure you connect with them on LinkedIn so that they can see any updates you post and keep you in mind for roles.”

Jeff Berger – CEO & Founder of Talent Inc. 

“Make sure your job application materials – your resume and cover letter – are written with your target audience in mind. In many ways, finding a new job is a marketing exercise. As a job seeker, you’re expected to pitch your candidacy to prospective employers. Be certain to tailor your resume and cover letter based on the specific job advert and its requirements. Don’t make recruiters guess; clearly spell out your qualifications for the position – this is, by far, the best way to attract their attention.”

Paul Wolfe – Senior Vice president of Global Human Resources at Indeed 

“There are a few tactics that I recommend candidates utilize when drafting their resumes in a way that will attract recruiters and hiring managers.

A. Numbers and data are a great way to bring your work experience to life, and they help hiring managers imagine the potential you would bring to the company. When possible, quantify your accomplishments to show your level of impact in your current and/or previous role.

B. Keep your resume brief and to the point to help recruiters understand your level of experience quickly."

Darain Faraz - Careers Expert at LinkedIn

“Making sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date is a good place to start. Including a short summary of your background and highlighting your key skills will help recruiters to search for you on the site. Using open candidates, you can also privately signal to recruiters that you are open to new opportunities.

Members on LinkedIn with profile photos are over 20 times more likely to receive profile views, so a quick win could be as simple as adding a clear, up to date photograph of yourself. 36% of recruiters use skills information to find candidates, whilst 30% of recruiters will also look at your current company and location to match to a potential employer, so keeping these up to date will help you to land relevant opportunities.

You should treat your LinkedIn profile as an online portfolio – somewhere that recruiters and potential employers can access your entire back-log of work in one place.”

Allan Leung, Lead Talent Acquisition Advisor at HCSS

“I’ve seen some creative ways such as mailing a USB with the resume inside, or sending over a cake. However, many openings tend to be filled through networking and referrals. If you’re able to connect with someone who can then connect you to the appropriate recruiter, that will increase your chances of getting noticed.”

As the job market starts to pick up again, putting some of these suggestions in to practice could be the finishing touch to landing your next opportunity.

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