Landscape of Sydney City Skyline at Dusk

Advertising: The 4 industries we think will continue to boom post-pandemic

Advertising: The 4 industries we think will continue to boom post-pandemic

Posted on April 2021 By Nicholas Farley

Landscape of Sydney City Skyline at Dusk

Advertising is a field that seems to have well and truly bounced back after the pandemic. This makes perfect sense when you consider the desire for big brands to be front and center of consumer’s minds as economies pick up and a sense of normality returns.

For context, our advertising side consultants Nic and Larisa were briefed on 19 more roles this quarter than they were in the previous quarter. These came at a time that is generally the quietest period for recruitment.

The demand for all levels of advertising talent, from Account Executive to Group Account Director only seems to be increasing, as agencies with the biggest presence in Australia embark on recruitment drives.

We’d be keen to speak to anyone with solid advertising experience, as we’re working on many opportunities for various agencies with a national and global client base. However, our consultants picked out 4 industries to have the greatest advertising presence in 2021.

Financial Services/Fintech

One of the few industries that stayed strong over the past 12 months is Financial Services. The need for digital personalisation and more accessibility around digital payments, coupled with people being more financially conscious than ever all support the notion that this is an industry that will have a substantial presence in the advertising space post-covid.

There has also been a boom in the Australian housing market for people looking to purchase homes, led by a fall in interest rates. This links back to the financial services market going from strength to strength, as record numbers of people are applying for home loans and purchasing property. So, big lenders are utilising the power of advertising to lead the race to secure new customers and as a result strong talent is in high demand.

At the time of writing this blog, we’re working on 3 opportunities that require candidates managing large financial services accounts for reputable agencies with fantastic culture.


Tech spending this year is expected to skyrocket to upwards of $98bn in Australia alone, and although there was a decline in spending in 2020 due to covid, experts are predicting a knee jerk response this year. The pandemic not only led to an increased demand for flexible work practices and more accessible systems, but also a growing number of startups and established businesses working to solve the problems of the pandemic (e.g. Zoom raising substantial funding to diversify their offerings).

Other examples that demonstrate this industry growing exponentially is the public attitude towards a more accessible experience in healthcare and education sectors, as well as streamlining of business expenses, all of which investing in tech can accommodate.

As a result, our agency clients have opportunities to work on some blue-chip accounts in a space that shows no sign of slowing down. It wouldn’t be too optimistic to say these brands will be placing more of an emphasis on advertising on the way out of the pandemic than ever before.


Whilst the world worked from home, we might have guessed last year that the property industry could go either way. However, with people moving out of the city as a result of work from home capabilities and office spaces being made redundant for the same reason – there is plenty to promote for the major property brands.

This, coupled with the boost in mortgage applications means commercial and residential property should maintain its momentum throughout 2021, where the industry will also see $19bn in government funding.

During covid, property was one of the most active industries we were recruiting in, and at the moment we’re working on 3 opportunities with different agencies, which will be managing property accounts.


Reports of the largest numbers of Australian online shoppers ever at the end of 2020 have shown it was those retail brands with strong ecommerce functions that are better positioned than ever. Also, the phasing out of restrictions will have seen a flurry in sales for retail stores who managed to survive and hoping to recoup any sales lost during the pandemic means retail will be an industry with a strong advertising presence this year.

As well as this, the experiential marketing aspect of retail will surely be a focus for the big retail brands this year to try and reengage customers to promote in-person shopping. This provides ample room for advertising agencies to partner with these brands and show this industry as one of the best placed to grow post pandemic.

As it stands, we’re working on opportunities across different agencies to manage the accounts of 4 retail brands at some fantastic agencies.

If you’re an experienced advertising candidate considering your next opportunity and would like to tap into any of these high growth industries, feel free to reach out. We’d also be happy to speak with any clients that need help with their hard to fill opportunities.