Christmas Cheer is Here

Christmas Ads to Boost Holiday Cheer

Christmas Ads to Boost Holiday Cheer

Posted on December 2021 By Madeline Rowson

Christmas Cheer is Here

Top retailers boost holiday cheer with catchy tunes and magical Christmas scenes. 


The Christmas spirit is helping us connect and find some joy after a tumultuous year. According to the ABC, Christmas cheer is good for the soul and to create a sense of connectedness. This year’s advertisements definitely don’t disappoint when it comes to creativity. 


The usual UK suspect, TESCO, brings Santa front and centre to the tune of Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now.’ This upbeat track is a delightful earworm and a sure way to get you bopping along. Santa’s vaccine passport has been a controversial but well intentioned addition. 



ALDI Australia also brings Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ as the track to inspire their ‘You Can’t Overcook Christmas’ ad. Perhaps, the popularity of catchy TikTok songs synced to video is here to stay. 



ALDI UK take a different approach to their audience with endless puns and the voice of Marcus Rashford as the helpful root vegetable, Marcus Radishford. The winning ad, according to Kantar, reinterprets Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’. 



Coles use laughter and connection to bolster their ‘Value the Australian way’ campaign.



Woolworths take a green spin to their Christmas messaging and top it off with a COVID safe spin to their logo. 



Air New Zealand collaborate with Santa on a ‘Magical Delivery’ thanks to their friendly staff. Nods to the trials of working from home and cancelled travel plans create a timely Merry Christmas message from the airline.


Team Stopgap wish you a cheerful Christmas Holiday!