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Jobs for the Future

Jobs for the Future

Posted on November 2022 By Madeline Rowston

Digital Marketing is Growing in 2023

What will jobs look like in 20 or 30 years?

Well, there’ll definitely be a big emphasis on digital. As our lives become increasingly entangled with devices, data and technology it’s not doubt intervention to remediate some it’s issues will be in demand.

A recent report by the World Economic Forum on The Future of Jobs show Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialists place #4 in demand across industries globally. The report details trends for 2025 and the jobs and skills in demand.

Australia’s working population sits at 17million and unsurprisingly the pandemic has accelerated digitalisation of businesses, their employees work, upskilling and automation. With Marketing on the rise, we can see the flow on effect of emerging marketing roles within the roles we’re recruiting for. Both client-side and agency are seeing increasing demand for digital roles and digital managers. 

Emerging Marketing Roles Globally

  1. Growth Hacker/Manager

  2. Digital Marketing Specialist

  3. Ecommerce Specialist

  4. Head of Digital

  5. Digital Marketing Consultant

  6. Digital Marketing Manager

  7. Chief Marketing Officer

The Top 5 Emerging Job Roles in Australia

  1. AI and Machine Learning Specialist. Whilst this may sound futuristic, you probably encounter AI and machine learning everyday through Google, Instagram or any app that captures data. Artificial intelligence is most broadly adapted to Digital Information and Communications, Financial Services and Healthcare industries. 

  2. Data Analysts and Scientists. With all the data being captured, it’s useless without someone to analyse it, discover trends, patterns and make meaning of big data. The WEF showed Digital Communications and Information Technology were most likely to adopt artificial intelligence, bid data analytics, cloud computing and cyber security by 2025.

  3. Information Security Analysts. It's no surprise with the rise of hacking and cybercrime, security will be a huge priority moving into 2023 after the threats to customer data across Australian organisations like Optus and Medibank.

  4. Big Data Specialists. With all the data companies are collecting, someone needs to manage it, right? That's where Big Data Specialists come in because big data is useless if it's not managed and organised properly.

  5. Process Automation Specialists. Technology is making our lives easier and more automated, arguable so we can enjoy the finer things in life as overall quality of life improves. It’s estimated that more and more tasks will be performed by machines by 2025 including administration, looking for and receiving information at work and manual activities. 

Top 5 Emerging Skills in Australia

These in demand skills are needed by businesses in Australia to increase productivity and adapt to the demand of technology. The emerging skills don’t stop there, you can find more here. 

  1. Analytical thinking and innovation

  2. Active learning and learning strategies

  3. Critical thinking and analysis 

  4. Leadership and social influence

  5. Technology use, monitoring and control

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