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Top Christmas Ad Campaigns 2022

Top Christmas Ad Campaigns 2022

Posted on November 2022 By Madeline Rowston

Christmas tree lights twinkling

​It's one month until Christmas (not that we're counting).

The creative Christmas campaigns of 2022 are already here. This year features connection, togetherness and celebration from some of Australia's top global and independent agencies.

Supermarket giants go head to head with this year's campaigns. Both emphasise Christmas as a time for connecting around the table, as well as other household staples.


This year's star is the classic Aussie mango. No surprise here from the 'Fresh Food People.'


Watch to see the world's longest table and of course the Christmas lunch star, roast ham.​


Often taking a more whimsical approach to advertising, ALDI have choreographed the fight over the last prawn with their 'You Can't Overcook Christmas' ad.

Australia Post

'Spread the Merry' is back again this time with an inflatable Santa.


All the wonderful ways we celebrate Christmas. ​

Keep an eye out for these campaigns on TV, outdoor and socials.