Machine Learning AI

How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Agencies

How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Agencies

Posted on January 2023 By Madeline Rowston

Machine Learning AI

​Surprised AI is automating agencies? The variety of automation tools available to agencies is rapidly transforming output and even costing.

How does AI help agencies?

Identifying marketing opportunities

Analysis of data can help identify the most effective ad-spend and marketing opportunities. Agencies can waste less time on research and data processing and more time innovating creative solutions for their clients, building relationships and key decision making.


Key demographics and behaviours can be identified through AI targeting. Audience segmentation can be tricky but data can easily be processed by machine learning, providing suggestions for audience expansion and much more. Those almost stalker-sih Instagram ads you keep getting? That’s thanks to AI.

Saving time

Popular AI copywriting tools like CopyAI and Wordtune have been automating content creation and copywriting to help creatives save time. Whilst some of the best tools do require a paid subscription they can drastically transform productivity.


Want to gauge ROI? Often a very difficult to track, online advertising can be tracked easily and is an excellent way to evidence performance to current and future clients. Even better, you don’t have to do the data collection or crunch the numbers.


Email personalisation to ad personalisation, everything is hyper-personalised. This also means lots of time is spent to achieve it. However, machine learning can monitor behaviours and help brands easily customise images, colours and headings in their emails.

How could this transform jobs?

Agencies can now spend more time on decision-making and creative strategy. Whilst good writing skills are essential for anyone in the mar-comms area, less emphasis will be placed on these skills for day to day.

The next generation of agency talent are in luck, as digital natives they will be working closely with information technology to bring to life their work. Not only this, it could mean agencies client capacity could increase, less emphasis on repetitive tasks and more opportunities for juniors contribute to decision making, strategy and work with clients and managers.

This article was inspired by Forbes.