Digital Marketing Growth Areas 2023

Job Trends March 2023

Job Trends March 2023

Posted on March 2023 By Madeline Rowston

Digital Marketing Job Market Trends 2023

Here’s the inside scoop on the job market and recruitment for agency and client-side 2023. 

I asked our experienced consultants where they think the market is going and how we can find opportunity and hopefulness this year.

What to expect this year.

Our General Manager, Helen Bosworth, says although it’s been “a slow start with tentative market conditions, high interest rates and cost of living yet there is an increase in demand for talent in the second half of the calendar year as confidence grows and international talent starts to return due to visa restrictions.”

What roles are in demand?

For agency-side there is a consistent demand for all levels of agency talent from Account Executives to Senior Account Directors. 

As for client-side there is growth for marketers in SEO, Influencer Marketing, CX and UX, Market Research and Market Analysis. 

Hilary Williams, our client-side consultant, says “digital marketing still paves the way and there is a lot more demand for ecommerce roles”

“There are a lot more engagement, ecommerce roles, helping to drive lead generation and ultimately revenue.”

Permanent vs. Contract Roles

Stopgap is currently operating with majority permanent roles. Helen says we’re looking at 90% permanent and 10% contract, whereas ordinarily we would see a 65% to 35% split.

Not to worry though. The second half of the year will most likely see a shift back to this split. 

Helen notes business efforts to stabilise their workforce and lock in talent post-covid is making the skills gap clearer. This leaves room for the contract and freelance market to gain momentum once businesses look to fill these gaps. 

Additionally relaxed visa conditions and new visa opportunities are drawing international talent back who often fill contract roles. 

Growth Areas

Now looking at a bigger picture, there are many growth areas for marketing and advertising.

Particularly in the digital marketing sector, which remains the fastest growing industry globally. There will be particular demand for educyber, healthcare, hospitality, education, tech, construction and ecommerce. 

Hilary also sees growth areas for brand awareness and lead generation for both digital and traditional marketing. This offers a great opportunity to get clients and partners in one place to showcase products and services. Any industry with an online presence will always need digital marketing.

Our consultants are industry experts having worked in client-side or agency-side themselves. If you’re looking for a permanent role or thinking of your next career move please don’t hesitate to get in contact. You can alsoemail uswith your CV.