Marketing and Advertising Salary Guides Australia

Salary Guides 2023

Salary Guides 2023

Posted on March 2023 By Madeline Rowston

Marketing and Advertising Salary Guides Australia

​In case you missed it, we've updated our salary guides for 2023.

Salaries have changed quite significantly over the last few years. Here’s our latest updates to Agency and Client-side salaries.

Our guide is based on Stopgap’s internal analysis and is intended only to give you a ‘feel’ for the level of salaries currently on offer in the marketplace. We recommend talking to Our Consultants if you're looking for specific guidance about salary expectations. Every job will differ accordingly to the size and type of organisation as well as the breadth and depth of a person’s experience. The client side rates are exclusive of superannuation at 10.5%.

Agency Side Salary Guide

Account Executive - $50K - $60K pkg.

Senior Account Executive - $60K - $65K pkg.

Account Manager - $65K - $80K pkg.

Senior Account Manager - $80K - $100K pkg.

Account Director - $100K - $125K pkg.

Senior Account Director - $125K - $150K pkg.

Group Account Director - $150K - $180K pkg.

Client Services Director - $180K - $220K+ pkg.

Client Side Salary Guide

Marketing Assistant - $55K - $65K

Marketing Coordinator - $70K - $90K

Marketing Manager - $100K - $145K

Senior Marketing Manager - $130K - $170K

Director of Marketing - $180K - $260K

Please note that salaries will vary depending on the organisation and market. These figures are intended to be a guide only.

Want to download our guides? Our Client-Side Salary Guide offers a more comprehensive list of roles and take a look at our Agency-Side Salary Guide that also includes freelance day rates.