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Remote Workers of 2023

Remote Workers of 2023

Posted on April 2023 By Madeline Rowston

Digital Marketing Freelancers Working Remotely in 2023

​Location, location, location.

It’s top of mind for job seekers and especially younger generations looking for full-time employment. With many Australian businesses embracing remote work or refraining from mandating face to face time, many Aussies are packing up and moving to regional areas, interstate or even overseas.

Expectations have completely changed. Research by payroll and HR services company ADP has shown the rise in remote work in Australia over the past two years, even as people return to the office. Two years after the pandemic started, two-thirds of respondents said they would consider finding a new job is required a full-time return to the office.

The appeal of location flexibility is unmatched for young people who want to travel, explore new cities or experience living in a new city and culture.

In fact, there are countless campaigns across the world appealing to working holiday makers. Most recently, Western Australia Tourism has teamed up with LADbible to encourage UK and Australian holidaymakers to work from the sunny state. The 'Follow the Sun' campaign showcases the employment and travel opportunities available to those on working holiday visas or even Aussies looking for a new hot desk.

The opportunity to work remotely and enjoy the so called “digital-nomad” lifestyle is an excellent opportunity for employees to expand their global network, enjoy the independence and as cheesy as it sounds benefit from personal growth that comes with it.

For those that desire location flexibility, the opportunity to work remotely will increase employee satisfaction and perhaps company loyalty. This can work in the favour of the employer and bring greater productivity whilst lowering upfront costs of extra office space.

Of course, there are many obstacles like time zone conflicts and the reliance on online meetings to develop client and team relationships. Other business and logistical challenges also depend on the role and industry.

Notably, marketing offers one of the best opportunities for remote work since almost everything can be done remotely. Digital marketing, SEO specialists, contractors and those who are self-employed have a great opportunity to work remotely as freelance marketers.

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This article was inspired by research by ADP and Inside Small Business.