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Navigating Your Job Search

Navigating Your Job Search

Posted on June 2023 By Madeline Rowston

Image of Person Typing for Job Search

Frustrated with the job market? Roles seem few and far between and reports of the highest employment rates in years might have you wondering how to navigate your job search.

Our team wants to assure you that with some patience you can find the right role. Whether you’re looking for a marketing or agency role, over the next month or two more positions will open up. With the unemployment rate currently at 3.5% finding a new role that fits your criteria may be challenging.

We understand that it can be especially difficult for candidates with a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills that could transition into many different roles. Assuming you’ve been on the search and speaking with recruiters, are prepared for interviews and have optimised your LinkedIn and CVrest assured there are more roles to come. 

Stopgap has a range of very helpful resources to help you navigate the challenge of finding a new role.

Get notifications for new roles on LinkedIn, Job Boards and Websites.Sign up for notifications and filter your searches on job boards to ensure you’re making the most of your digital resources.

Keep networking.Be open to interviews with new industries or roles you might initially rule out. It can be a valuable opportunity to make connections with organisations and talent managers who might have another role that fits better in the future.

Get in contact with recruiters.An initial phone call with a recruiter can provide fantastic insights on the current job market and how to manage your expectations. There are often misconceptions about what recruiters do, especially amongst graduates who haven’t embarked on a job search yet. Keep in mind recruiters are here to help you and to fill a role for an organisation to the best of their ability. Meaning they need to find the best match possible. 

Even if recruiters don’t have a role that matches your criteria for industry, salary, culture and flexibility it’s important to stay in contact with them as they’ll keep you in mind for upcoming roles if you’re the ideal candidate. 

Consider temporary contract work.Whilst this may not be ideal, many contracts can blossom into permanent roles or be extended. If you decide to be open to contract roles, this could provide an excellent opportunity for networking and experience. As previously predicted, contract roles have remained dominant for the first half of 2023 operating at 65% permanent and 35% contract roles. We continue to have a range of contract roles available. 

Be patient, keep networking and feel free to get in touch with our team to find out more about the job market and current opportunities.