Job Interview Questions and How to Answer

How to Answer Trick Interview Questions

How to Answer Trick Interview Questions

Posted on July 2023 By Madeline Rowston

Job Interview Questions and How to Answer

Interview preparation is always essential regardless of how much experience you have. 

Many of the open-ended questions might feel like you're being tricked but it's just an opportunity for you to present your best self. As our consultants always remind candidates, an interview is just as much about you getting to know your prospective employer as it is for them to get to know you. So make sure to ask follow up questions to get the most out of your interview. 

Open-ended questions are an opportunity for the interviewers to get to know you so make sure to add lots about your past experience, personality and work-style. The aim is to show the interviewer you are aware of how you work within an organisation, manage time, work with others and problem solve. 

Examples of questions include:

  • Can you give me an example of a campaign you worked on in your last role? 

  • What are your strengths?

  • Why are you looking for a new position?

  • What is important to you in your next role? 

  • What hours are you willing to work?

With the STARS approach you can answer these questions and even prepare your answers for interviews too.

S First describe the Situation you were in

T Describe the Task that was involved

A Next describe the Action you took (be certain to say `I’ not `we’ when explaining this – interviewers want to know what YOU did, not the wider team)

R Then explain what the Result was

S Describe the Skills you used in your achievements

What questions should you ask? This list of examples can help you understand the nature of the organisation, the role and realistically what the job would be like. Important questions to ask are namely around company culture, training, career progression and organisational structure. 

  • What are the most enjoyable and least enjoyable aspects of the role?

  • What types of training opportunities can you offer?

  • Is there a chance for a promotion in the future?

  • Can you please tell me how the role relates to the overall structure of the organisation?

  • How would you describe the work culture here?

  • In what way is performance measured and reviewed?

  • What are the most important issues you think your organisation will face? 

  • What do your most successful people find most satisfying about this role?

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