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How to Create a Standout LinkedIn Profile for Job Candidates

How to Create a Standout LinkedIn Profile for Job Candidates

Posted on June 2024 By Stopgap Australia

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Creating an outstanding LinkedIn profile is essential in today's professional world. It's your digital handshake, the first impression you make on potential employers and recruiters. With millions of users on LinkedIn, how can you ensure your profile stands out from the crowd? This guide will walk you through the key elements of crafting a LinkedIn profile that not only captures attention but also showcases your unique professional story.

Upload a Recent Profile Picture

The importance of a professional and recent profile picture cannot be overstated. This image is often the first thing people notice, so making it count is crucial. Here are some tips for choosing the right profile picture:

  • Use a Recent Photo of You
    Your profile picture should be a true representation of you. Avoid group photos, as they can create confusion about who you are.

  • Dress Professionally
    LinkedIn is a professional platform, so your attire should reflect that. Opt for a professional outfit against a minimal and non-distracting background. A head-and-shoulders shot works best, avoiding full-length images.

  • Choose an Appropriate Setting
    Avoid casual or unprofessional settings like bars. A neutral background that doesn't detract from your professional appearance is ideal.

Make Your Summary Standout

Your LinkedIn summary is your elevator pitch. It’s your chance to tell your professional story concisely and compellingly. Here’s how to make it impactful:

  • Highlight Key Experiences and Results
    Summarise your major career milestones and achievements. Include specific results and successes that illustrate your skills and accomplishments.

  • Incorporate Relevant Keywords
    Identify and use keywords that are relevant to your industry. This will help your profile appear in searches conducted by recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Showcase Projects
    Don’t hesitate to mention projects you're proud of. Explain what they entailed and why they matter. This adds depth to your profile and highlights your hands-on experience.

  • Tell Your Story
    Share your professional and personal interests. This humanises your profile and can make you more relatable and memorable.

Align Your Experience with Your CV

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a digital, high-level snapshot of your CV. It should mirror the key responsibilities and achievements from your current and past roles:

  • Key Responsibilities and Achievements
    Briefly describe your roles and highlight significant achievements. This provides a teaser of your professional background without giving away your entire CV.

  • Keep It Consistent
    Ensure that the information on your LinkedIn profile aligns with your CV. Inconsistencies can raise questions and undermine your credibility.

Include Industry Keywords in Your Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is prime real estate for making a strong impression. While it typically includes your job title, consider enhancing it with industry-relevant keywords:

  • Optimise for Search
    Incorporate terms that recruiters might use when searching for candidates in your field. For example, a digital marketer might include "SEO," "Social Media," and "PPC" in their headline.

  • Be Descriptive and Specific
    Rather than a generic job title, a more descriptive headline can better convey your unique value proposition and areas of expertise.

Maximise LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn offers several features that can help you stand out and connect with the right opportunities:

  • Use the "Open to Work" Feature
    This feature signals to recruiters that you are open to new opportunities. You can choose to make this visible to all LinkedIn users or only to recruiters.

  • Leverage Networking Opportunities
    Engage with your network by following industry pages, companies, and influencers. Actively participate by liking, commenting, and sharing posts that resonate with you. This increases your visibility and helps you build connections.

  • Engage with Content
    LinkedIn is not just for job searching; it’s also a platform for professional growth and networking. Engage with content by sharing your insights and expertise. This not only positions you as a thought leader but also expands your network.


Creating a standout LinkedIn profile is about more than just filling out the fields. It requires a strategic approach to showcase your professional brand. By uploading a professional photo, crafting a compelling summary, aligning your experience with your CV, using relevant keywords in your headline, and leveraging LinkedIn’s features, you can create a profile that not only attracts recruiters but also helps you build valuable connections.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is a living document. Regularly update it to reflect your latest achievements, skills, and experiences. This ensures that your profile remains fresh, relevant, and a true representation of your professional journey. Start enhancing your LinkedIn profile today and make the most of the opportunities this powerful platform offers!