Marketing salary survey ā€“ how did your sector fare?

Posted: 2018-01-28 23:28:47

What do you look for in a role? Do you prioritise health-conscious perks like gym memberships and free fruit, or are factors such as flexible working and career progression more important to you? Whatever the motivator, one thing that scores serious brownie points across the board is a good salary. And if a company delivers on all of these – well, that's a company worth sticking with.

The annual Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey, published earlier this week, set out to establish which industries fared best in terms of rewards, remuneration, development and appreciation. The survey comprised of 24 sectors and quizzed some 4,150 respondents, ranging from graduates to board members, to reveal the unlikely losers and surprising winners – read on to find out how your industry scored.

Gambling happiest sector

Gambling came out trumps as the happiest sector. Just over 60% of respondents said they were either very happy or quite happy, and much of this is owing to the job's variation. Former CMO and chief customer officer at Ladbrokes Coral Group, Kristof Fahy, explained that the fast-paced nature of the sector, paired with big budgets and fierce competition, had created a highly rewarding occupation for marketers craving excitement.

Beauty best for progression

If you're looking for development opportunities, beauty is the sector for you. The survey found that progression is a core concern for marketers across fashion (72.2%), entertainment (72%) and retail and wholesale (71.3%). However, the sector that performed best was beauty, with 69% of respondents singing its praises.

Natasha Curtin, Marketing Director at cosmetics brand Benefit, also noted that the beauty industry has some of the most engaged consumers around. The chance to work closely with the public, while enjoying plenty of opportunities for growth, make beauty a hard one to follow.

Environment matters

Gambling, once again, squeezed into first place, with 79.6% of marketers stating that it provided the best working environment. Coming in close second was travel and leisure (78.1%).

European airline Ryanair CMO, Kenny Jacobs, pegs its popularity as a consequence of its built-in flexibility, which is something that works wonders for the travel-hungry marketers within the sector. This comes as no surprise, as we're sure we'd all work harder if we got to jet off every couple of weeks!

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