3 Goals for Employers During the World Cup

Posted: 2018-06-26 04:42:33

You won't need reminding that the World Cup 2018 has started.

Whether you're planning to spend the next few weeks on the edge of your seat or actively avoiding all things football, there are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to the workplace.

With employees keen to take time off to watch matches, any major sporting event can be seen as a distraction. However, there are plenty of positives that come out of these big events. Team spirit, job satisfaction levels and team morale can all benefit from a bit of World Cup fever.

Here are three ideas to consider...

Offer flexi-time

Kick-off this year is generally between 11pm and 4am, so why not give employees some leeway in their working hours? Maybe a cheeky late start sleep-in or two!

Speak with them about flexi-time options. Let staff know the hours you expect them to work and come up with a plan that ensures the level of customer service doesn't suffer. Greater flexibility shows your team you trust them, and can lead to greater productivity and job satisfaction.

Make a World Cup Office Pool

What's the biggest sporting event in the world without a few office pools?

Nothing boosts office productivity better than good ol’ fashioned friendly competition.You'll earn bragging rights when your teams win, plus all the immeasurable fame and glory that comes when you out-predict your co-workers. 

Bring sport into work

You might want to consider organising a five-a-side football tournament while the World Cup is on. It's a great way to boost team spirit – something that can sometimes be challenging in an office environment.

A friendly game (or ten) of football will create some healthy competition among colleagues and help with team bonding both on and off the pitch.

Embracing the World Cup means you're tapping into all the energy and enthusiasm that goes with such a global event. It's a great way to reward staff for their hard work and show that they are valued. It might not always work for the Aussie squad, but a happy team is a successful team.

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