Email preferred marketing method for 89% of millennials

Posted: 2017-08-10 00:29:27

Email is indestructible. Despite years of naysayers portending the death of the marketing method, it continues to prove itself as an effective driver of conversions and sales. However, there is one demographic that emails are the most influential with and that's millennials.

Now, millennials may be more commonly associated with their mobile devices but it seems that even they cannot escape the email bug. According to research from Campaign Monitor, their love of email is just as pervasive as their social media habits with 89% citing it as their preferred platform.

Small Business Trends sat down with Campaign Monitor's CMO, Andrea Wildt, to dig a little deeper into the 2017 Consumer Email Habits Report: What Do Your Customers Really Want? The study saw thousands of consumers questioned on their preferred method of communication. Here's a quick rundown of its results:

Email is preferred (as long as it's personalised)

Overall, 76% of respondents said that they were happy to receive emails from brands, but they do note the importance of the content being "accurate, reliable and [reflective] of their preferences." Herein lies the crux of the challenge for marketers; it's a tough old world out there and they need to try hard to not just create campaigns suited to each customer, but to actually ensure that the recipient reads, and acts on, it.

Actionable emails

More than half of millennial respondents (52%) said that they checked their email upwards of 10 times a day and perhaps most surprisingly, they were found to be the most likely to take action based on its content. To put this into to context, 58% of millennials stated that they usually donated to non-profits via email requests, meanwhile just 18% of the 55 years and older group did the same.

(Business) size doesn't matter

This difference in online activity permeates businesses of all sizes and sectors; 89% of the under 35s preferred emails from retailers, while this figure stood at 67% for the over 65s. A similar picture can be seen in the results of the travel, hospitality and entertainment sectors.

As we have already mentioned, the central theme of a successful campaign is personalisation and that exists in every age group. In fact, the report found that consumers were more likely to open an email if they saw an internal discount (72%) or a personalised subject line (62%). Indeed, by partnering email with tailored content and discounts, marketers can improve open rates, bolster brand loyalty and drive sales.

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