Four common influencer marketing mishaps

Posted: 2017-07-12 23:28:05

Influencer marketing has taken the world by storm. While it has long existed in the form of celebrity endorsements, social media has shifted the scope of chosen partners and changed the way that products are advertised and presented.

However, as a recent article by Business2Community attests, it is not as simple as pairing up with someone with a million Instagram followers. Businesses must select their influencers wisely, yet many marketers continue to make the same mistakes. Here are four common pitfalls they suggest you should avoid...

Just looking at the numbers

At first glance, choosing an individual with a sizeable social media following may seem like a sensible option. However, rather than selecting any old internet celebrity, marketers would fare better by seeking out someone in their own sector, as the influencer may have the reach but not the relevant audience.

Ignoring engagement

Sure the numbers matter, but how many of their followers actually interact with their content? Influencers need to interact with their audience to analyse engagement and look out for replies, retweets or comments to be sure that their content resonates.

Failing to do research

It's vital that marketers do background research both on the prospective influencer and the way that the audience may respond to them. For instance, if you work within the finance sector, asking Kim Kardashian to promote your new service may seem confusing to your audience. Hence, organisations should link with relevant thought leaders or industry experts.

Invariably, the influencer may also have some dark tweets lurking in the early days of their timeline, so it bodes well to research lest you end up with a PR disaster on your hands.

Not implementing it properly

Like any marketing campaign, results won't be immediately apparent so be patient and expect the campaign to take more than just one Instagram snap. Marketers should consider its place in a long term strategy and allow the influencers to really get to know your organisation. Additionally, by partnering with influencers over a substantial period of time you can gain unparalleled data and insight into your audience and their buying behaviours.

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