Sonos House Is Coming To Sydney And We've Got The Inside Scoop!

Posted: 2018-07-05 05:24:19

Sonos is filling a landmark Sydney home with a two-week program of cool tunes, compelling conversation, exhibitions, product experiences and storytelling with change-makers from the worlds of music and the culture.

Sonos House, located at 40 Queen Street, Woollahra, will be open most days from July 10 to 21 as a co-share workspace as well as the backdrop to a program of day and night events. The purpose is to ignite conversation among friends about all things related to sonic culture, in a venue that feels like a home but with no distractions. 

We spoke to the mastermind/ queen of cool behind Sonos House (& loyal Stopgap candidate) Pip Thomas, Head of PR for Sonos Australasia, to learn a bit more about how she came into her role, her experience leading the PR & comms for the brand as well as their newest soundbar Beam.

Pip! You've had an amazing career working in PR & communications for some seriously cool brands. Has Sonos been the cherry on the cake?

100 percent. This gig came about because a friend of mine in the UK was always posting amazing photos as the PR manager for Sonos over there. Over a drink in London, I said to her: “I want your job!”. 2 years later she called me and said the PR role is opening in Aus. After a long process, I got the job, moved to Melbourne and haven’t looked back.

You made the coveted move from agency back to client side with Sonos. How are you enjoying being strictly 'tuned in' to one brand?

I moved because I think Sonos is an amazing brand, not because it was client side but, I’ve loved the shift. Being able to truly shape the PR and cultural program for Sonos in Australia is deeply rewarding.  Especially seeing programs like Sonos House come to fruition.  It is a level of autonomy and ownership that you don’t always get agency side. With that, of course, is full accountability, so I better not stuff up it all up (come to Sonos House!!).  

You'd be happy to know that most of the team here at Stopgap are Sonos loyalists. On a scale of 'it's alright' to 'this home sound system is literally going to change your life!!!', how badly do we need Beam in our living rooms? 

BADLY. It’s the bomb. The Beam is our smart compact soundbar for TV, designed for families and apartment living. It plays music, TV and more with rich, room-filling audio and like everything Sonos, it supports all the music services you can find. It also comes with Alexa voice control built-in so you can sit in bed and ask for the volume to turn up and down etc. If you’ve got kids, it has night mode and if you have trouble with accents like my parents, it has speech enhancement. What’s not to love.


Program highlights include a spirited discussion around the tension between anxiety and creativity between Clare Bowditch and Sarah Wilson; a free screening of hit movie A Quiet Place (with Sonos surround sound, naturally);  an dark immersion session and Deep Dive Q&A with DMA’S and an exploration of culminates in an exploration of rave culture with iconic global brand consultant for Adidas, Gary Aspden and Set Mo (topped off with tunes curated by Acyde from No Vacancy Inn). Set against a backdrop of fiercely beautiful photographic exhibition by SheIsAphrodite photographer Michelle Pitiris who has been shooting emerging female music talent across Australia – some of whom you will be able to join ‘In conversation’ when they talk about their personal Battlehymns, the music that has inspired them, in their personal Song Story.

Lastly, if chat ain’t your thing, you can join fitness phenomenon Leah Simmons for a sonically immersive total body workout that will leave you breathless.

Sonos House has been created to celebrate the launch of Beam, the smart compact soundbar for your TV that fits seamlessly into modern urban homes that are big on style but small on space. 

For the full program and to learn more about the best event happening in Sydney this month (you heard it here first folks!), head to


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