Users spend half an hour on Instagram every day

Posted: 2017-08-24 00:48:58

Research has found that Instagram users spend up to half an hour on the platform a day – so what does this mean for marketers?

The research comes from Instagram's parent company Facebook Inc. and marks Instagram Stories' first birthday. It found that time spent on the app was largely dependant on age; those aged 25 and younger spent an average of 32 minutes a day, while the figure for those older than 25 stood at 24.

Also reported was the unexpected upsurge in Instagram Stories usage. While many were reluctant to adopt the new feature in light of Snapchat's existence, Instagram's version now has 250 million users a day.

This is good news for marketers, for whom time spend is a vital measurement metric as it implies users are engaging with content, rather than just skimming over it. But what other metrics can marketers use to measure their Instagram success? Here are three more metrics from Sprout Social that you can use to understand, streamline and ultimately improve your Instagram presence:

Consider comments

If people take the time to do more than like a post, it means that it resonated with them, or at least conjured an emotional response. If the rate of comments increases, it could be a good sign that you are building a band of loyal followers – the first step to creating a community.

Discoverable hashtags

Not all hashtags were created equal, so if you're using tags that few people search for, your posts may end up unseen. Compiling a list of your most liked hashtags is a good place to start.

Successful stories

Check for unique views, completion rates and how many direct messages you receive in response. Instagram doesn't have historical data, so it bodes well to keep track and figure what content works best and when.


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