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'Tis The Season Of Giving: Stopgap's Partnership With The Women's & Girls' Emergency Centre

Stress, financial struggle, loneliness and violence are not words that might typically come to mind when thinking of the holidays. However, for many women and families in our community, the festive period is the most feared time of the year... meet the people making a difference  ...

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Date Posted: 10-12-2018

Attention spans are increasing – but only for the right content

There are plenty of stats telling us that the average human attention span was 12 seconds in the year 2000, but did you know that it's currently just eight seconds? Bearing in mind a goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds, we're not doing so great.  However, attention sp...

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Date Posted: 24-09-2018

New Time Tracker Tools Introduced by Facebook and Instagram

As part of Facebook's commitment to its 'time well spent' movement, the company has launched a range of features to help users monitor the amount of time they spend on social media. The latest of these is an activity dashboard through which users can track the amount of time they spen...

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Date Posted: 13-08-2018

Don't let a limited marketing budget stand in your way

Getting the most from an annual budget is always a challenge. Even if there's plenty of money in the pot, the pressure is on to make the spend go further. At the other end of the scale, there's the headache of balancing budget cuts alongside increasingly competitive targets. Making a ...

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Date Posted: 15-03-2018

International Women's Day 2018 #pressforprogress

  Today is International Women’s Day, and it’s expected to be one of the largest yet, with stories around gender diversity and equality across multiple industries making headlines around the globe. The desire to empower women is growing rapidly, triggered by public discourse ...

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Date Posted: 08-03-2018

Stopgap client Sibling launches 'Mums First' integrated campaign for Westfield

With International Women's Day only a few days away (March 8th - mark your calendars people!), we wanted to share Westfield's 'mum's first' campaign. Mum's are at the heart of the season in Stopgap client Scentre Group's latest Autumn '18 campaign, titl...

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Date Posted: 05-03-2018

Less Facebook users = greater ad costs

  Facebook has been working hard to change its News Feed experience for users. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said he wants to improve people's well-being and society overall. And it seems to be working. The social media platform reported a drop in user numbers and usage time &ndash...

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Date Posted: 13-02-2018

Is location data the future of marketing?

According to a new study by Verve, 73% of people are happy for apps to access their location data. This access to consumer behaviour opens up exciting opportunities for brands in relation to advertising. However, research by Forrestershows that 94% of advertisers struggle to use locati...

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Date Posted: 02-02-2018

The latest Facebook update: What does it mean for marketers?

Another week, another Facebook update. Facebook tweaks its algorithm so frequently that many may have brushed over last week's update. However, this one's a bit different. Change was essential because increasingly people don't like using Facebook anymore. And Facebook is...

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Date Posted: 23-01-2018

Stopgap client R/GA launches data-led outdoor campaign for Google

Google has launched a data-led digital outdoor campaign for Pixel 2 demonstrating the power of its smartphone camera. The campaign, created in collaboration between PHD and Stopgap's client and creative agency, R/GA, leverages various signals including time, location, weather, and even ai...

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Date Posted: 05-01-2018

Marketing Predictions for 2018

The festive season may have only just begun, but who doesn't love a good New Year's resolution? Whether it's working off those mince pies or setting out a sparkling marketing strategy for 2018, it bodes well to be prepared. So, what resolutions are you going to make this year? If ...

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Date Posted: 14-12-2017

Three reasons to use X Data

Data is a marketer's best friend, but have you heard of X Data? Generally, data can only tell us about what has already happened. It's a catalogue of past behaviours, which on first impression isn't a bad thing; accruing information on online engagement, basket abandonment rates a...

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Date Posted: 08-12-2017

Are you currently working for "free"?

The gender pay gap continues to get a lot of press but are things improving?  From the BBC’s high-profile publication of their personalities’ salaries back in July to the video starring Hannah and Eliza Reilly from Growing up Gracefully aired recently on ABC there seem...

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Date Posted: 23-11-2017

Are you measuring the wrong metrics for social ROI?

The world of social marketing is in flux. While this makes working in the industry exciting, it also means that there's a lot to keep up with. Which KPIs should you look at? How does social media drive profit and what's the best way to measure returns. Marketing can indeed be quite me...

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Date Posted: 17-11-2017

Four content marketing stats to sink your teeth into

Advertising has had a pretty bad rap as of late. Consumers have grown tired of the cheap tricks of yesteryear and instead, are ushering in a new era of B2C communication; one defined by transparency, authenticity and kindness. The trouble for marketers lies in conveying these attributes to co...

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Date Posted: 16-11-2017

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