Email marketers listen up ā€“ here are the 7 best tactics

Posted: 2017-11-09 03:42:05

It may seem like social media rules the roost these days, but email marketing remains as effective as ever. According to the DMA, email's ROI is eye-watering, generating an impressive £38 for every £1 spent. Even millennials love it, with 73% citing it as their preferred means of business communication.

However, email marketing can only be as powerful as the methodology behind it, which is why a newly-published report quizzed marketers to find out what they thought were the most effective – and most difficult – tactics.

The report comes courtesy of Ascend2, which surveyed 260 marketers across B2B (48%), B2C (34%) and hybrid B2B/B2C (18%) companies. The seven most successful strategies were as follows:

1. Message personalisation – 50%

2. Meaningful call to action – 38%

3. List data segmentation – 37%

4. Testing and optimisation – 35%

5. Social sharing – 33%

6. Mobile responsive design – 28%

7. Automated campaigns – 27%

Personalisation's popularity comes as no surprise. It has long been the darling of marketers, as it can be as simple as greeting the respondent by name, tailoring email content to their preferences or making suggestions based on past behaviour. Whatever the tactic, treating the recipient like an individual is always a powerful strategy.

Conversely, the report highlighted the most difficult tactics to implement, which were:

1. List data segmentation – 37%

2. Meaningful call to action – 35%

3. Message personalisation – 32%

4. Testing and optimisation – 32%

5. Automated campaigns – 30%

6. Social sharing – 29%

7. Mobile responsive design – 20%

These statistics provide us with a good cross-section of the marketing landscape and perhaps a little foresight into what trends we can expect later this year, but let's dig a little deeper. Away from illuminating areas where marketers are struggling, it gives us insight into what skills the sector is currently craving.

The research also suggests that marketers with, for instance, a strong knowledge of data segmentation or an eye for effective calls to action, would make highly-regarded applicants; a fact that may go a long way when negotiating salary and benefits. At Stopgap, we identify your unique experiences and selling points and match them with your perfect role. Find your next opportunity with us today.

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