Employers must act on mental health ā€“ four in ten millennials on edge of 'burnout'

Posted: 2017-11-03 00:37:20

The only thing spooky this Halloween season is how scarily close many millennials are to burning out. A new study, released in conjunction with this year's International Stress Awareness Day this November, has uncovered the worrying state of millennial minds, with as many as four in ten admitting that they are close to burning out.

The survey, titled 'Stressed, Exhausted and Burning Out – should we really be treating our future talent like this?' found that 46% of millennials had taken at least one day off in the past two years due to stress. A worrying 16% confessed to taking six or more days off, while over a third (39%) admitted to being in the midst of burnout, or on the edge of one.

The worst, stress-inducing offenders (in order) were work demands and pressures, money worries and health worries. These apprehensions most commonly manifested in difficulty sleeping, irritability, a lack of energy and general exhaustion. And as mind and body expert and author of the study, Susan Scott, notes, if millennials feel like this now, what will happen in the future?

Perhaps what is most troubling about Scott's findings is that 41% said that they get little to no support from their managers – this must change. But the problem goes deeper still; a government report published earlier this month found that one in six workers have a mental health problem. Poor support in the workplace, as well as cuts to mental health services, push more than 300,000 people out of work every year, at a cost of some £99bn to the UK economy.

Organisations must act if they want to salvage not just millennial motivation, but also staff retention rates and productivity levels. Moreover, it shouldn't take the threat of a poor reputation to force brands to act; after all, caring for their employees' mental health is as paramount as caring for their physical well-being.

Fortunately, there is a plethora of proven methodologies available that can aid employers in implementing strategies that slash stress and fight burnouts. If you need help figuring it all out, get in touch with us today!

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