The three types of Christmas shoppers every marketer should know

Posted: 2017-11-09 00:45:55

Regardless of whether the holiday season makes you as happy as an elf on Christmas morning or as grumpy as the Grinch, all marketers must make a plan.

The first step to creating the perfect Christmas marketing strategy is identifying the main types of shoppers. Data analytics firm Cardlytics argues that there are three main types of shoppers: steady, early and last-minute. Here is a short synopsis of each, as well as key tactics to employ to leverage their buying power.

Steady shoppers

These are a marketer's best friend; making regular purchases throughout the season, they are known to be picky, patient and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. Due to this slow, considered approach, steady shoppers account for as much as 44% of seasonal spending. Which, according to Cardlytics, is the highest of the categories.

To appeal to this shopper, marketers must ensure their campaigns are fresh and engaging throughout the whole holiday period. Keep it consistent, interesting and right in front of them.

Early shoppers

There's one in every family and these mythical creatures have been known to appear as early as the January sales. This category is one defined by efficiency – they want to get in, get the best deal and get out. While they make up a small section of shoppers – just 9.8% – they shouldn't be overlooked.

For early shoppers, marketers should get promotions out as early as possible and emphasise product scarcity. Additionally, concentrate on conveying convenience by providing extras like free shipping or in-store collection.

Last-minute shoppers

Familiar to stressed-out shop assistants everywhere, these shoppers can be identified by their blustered appearance and panic buys. They made up 27.5% of seasonal spend in 2015 and 16% of their purchases were made a week before Christmas.

While the earlier shoppers are already wrapping their gifts, marketers should adjust their strategies to target last-minute buyers. Once again this involves stressing convenience; longer shop hours, expedited shipping and additional deals are all key ways of luring them in. Go one step further by getting more shop assistants behind the tills at bricks and mortar stores and promote add-ons like gift wrapping at every opportunity.

The holidays can be a stressful period for retailers and it may leave them wishing for a Christmas miracle. So, if you've got the right marketing skills, why not make their year by signing up to our job alerts today?

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