Three reasons to use X Data

Posted: 2017-12-11 03:49:14

Data is a marketer's best friend, but have you heard of X Data?

Generally, data can only tell us about what has already happened. It's a catalogue of past behaviours, which on first impression isn't a bad thing; accruing information on online engagement, basket abandonment rates and conversions are all instrumental in creating a campaign.

However, this data cannot actualise its full potential if marketers are unable to extrapolate subtle trends. This is where X Data comes in; it can help marketers predict future behaviours by answering the 'why' behind operational data, hereby adding invaluable qualitative insights.

Here are three reasons, courtesy of the Digital Marketing Magazine, that explain why you should incorporate X Data in next year's strategy:

Analyse data with ease

There may be over 5,000 analytics platforms and martech tools available, but there's more to mastering data than just accessing it. To effectively utilise data, marketers must cross-examine it for patterns and trends. This is tricky, but with the emergence of AI and machine learning-driven analysis systems, we can get closer to uncovering X Data.

No logic, no problem

Consumers don't always make purchases in a logical way, so limiting data to only past behaviour makes pinning down motivations difficult. For example, carts are abandoned for all kinds of reasons, be it mood or website experience, but few of these influences are logical or repeatable. With the addition of X Data, brands can dig deeper and build a better picture of customer behaviour.

It doesn't have to be complicated

Identifying current and future trends need not be a mammoth task; after all, as the article so aptly puts it: 'X Data is simply a case of uncovering the unexpected.' We should look past conventional analytic modes and consider how the data is interconnected. To do this, the writer concludes: 'we must stop thinking about how customers can inform their data strategy and instead start thinking about how their data strategy can inform and improve customer experiences.'

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