Twitter's event calendar is the perfect planning tool for social marketers

Posted: 2017-09-06 07:21:24

September is sneaking up on us once again and we all know what that means – it won't be long until the marketing madness of the holiday season begins. Christmas does indeed seem to come earlier every year (shall we just start leaving the decorations up?), but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. The question is, have you started planning your Q4 calendar or are you leaving it until the last minute?

Well, whether you're halfway through, finished or just beginning, Twitter has released the latest version of its monthly event calendar to help you on your way. The calendar is comprised of the month's most tweet-worthy moments – from award shows to charity campaigns – so your brand can be where the conversation is. For instance, does your company have a podcast or are you considering launching one? If so, check out 'International Podcast Day', set to be held on the 30th.

The platform has been publishing monthly calendars for a while now, but this month, Twitter has switched up its format as well. Having added in enhanced multi-day events and promoting 'days' – such as 'Charity Day', 'Literacy Day' and perhaps most crucially, 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' – the platform has made it easier for brands to hedge their bets and invest their time in events they know their audience will respond to.

Moreover, the tool also features the events like the Fashion Weeks in New York, London and Paris, and the Emmy Awards, which are all sure to set the Twittersphere ablaze with commentary. As a helpful little addition, Twitter has also included data, such as tweet volume, from previous years to help with outreach.

Twitter is a powerhouse for engagement and is an excellent fosterer of brand perception; but given the rapid rate at which online conversations move, it's beneficial to think ahead so your brand doesn't miss a key promotional opportunity. Hence, it is safe to say these calendars will prove an unbeatable tool for marketers to use this September and beyond.

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