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StopGap Consultant

Oxana Rozova

Financial Controller

The Serious Bit

Oxana is a Chartered Accountant of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. She has almost 9 years accounting experience across both countries.

Oxana’s university education started in Russia, and was completed in Auckland, New Zealand with a Bachelor of Business and a Graduate Diploma in Business.

Oxana started her professional career as an accountant in a New Zealand based international company that designed and manufactured bungee jumping machines that were distributed all over the world. After a couple of years she left for more technical experience at the Chartered accountants firm and stayed in the field until my employment at Stopgap Australia in 2013. My mission here is to help the company to grow, with staying legislatively current and technically innovative.

The Fun Bit

When I was little I wanted to be … 

Nothing in particular... My childhood was fun and I enjoyed every day as it came! I never had to think about who I wanted to be and that one day I had to get a job :)

My first ever job was … 

Was when I was about 10 I had to pick and pack cabbages and carrots on the farms for hardly any money - compulsory child labour during the Soviet Union! 

I also worked for my father's timber business as a secret interpreter attending his business meetings in China and making sure the local interpreter was translating truthfully.

The most daring thing I’ve ever done is … 

I travelled over 2,000km by train to a little village for a guy. Had to tell mum 'a story' about how I was chosen for the basketball team to represent my school and had to go to compete in a far away city so she would give me the money for travel...

In my spare time you can find me … 

Researching on health and longevity. However, I don't get much spare time these days as it's all about making my 20 month old son happy!

The brand I am most passionate about is … 

WikiLeaks because I love politics and discovering the truth!