Best Podcasts for Career Development

Best Podcasts for Career Development

Best Podcasts for Career Development

Posted on May 2022 By Madeline Rowston

Recruitment Agencies Top Podcast Recommendations for Creative Employees

​​Want to smash your career goals? Navigate the world of work or find your purpose?

Here are my favourite podcasts for career development. I’ve previously written about How to Become Your Own Career Coach but sometimes it’s a lonely journey, so a podcast community might provide some extra motivation.

Here are my favourites.

Podcast Recommendation for Psychology Behind Work

WorkLife with Adam Grant

Renowned organisation psychologist, Adam Grant, sits down with industry experts and leading researchers on how to navigate the science behind “making work not suck”.

Some of my favourite episodes include; How to Stop Languisihing and Start Finding your Flow and Taken for Granted: Indra Nooyi says It’s Time for Leaders to Care

Podcast Recommendation for Productivity Myths and Hacks

Routines and Ruts with Madeleine Dore

A close look at the myths of productivity and is especially helpful for creative folks who work with ideas and concepts, writers block and project deadlines.

“It’s about resilience and rejection, motivation and procrastination, successes and setbacks – and how extraordinary lessons can be found amongst it all.” That is exactly what Dore brings to her podcast and her website, Extraordinary Routines, has even more helpful tips.

Podcast Recommendation for Australian's in Marketing and Advertising Industries


Lisa Leong hosts ABC’s This Working Life to talk about Australian specific experiences, research and industry experts about their ideas and experiences that you can use in your own career and business.

I love this one for its relevance to Australian business and experiences. Leong is also a great host who brings humour and insight to dividing conversations about work.

Podcast Recommendation for Expert Insights from Thought Leaders

How to Be Awesome at Your Career

This is a great introduction to adopting a growth mindset to careers, finding your purpose and upskilling at any stage of your career.

Pete Mokaitis interviews thought leaders on how to boost work performance and thrive.