When Is the Best Time to Leave Your Job?

When's the Best Time to Leave a Job?

When's the Best Time to Leave a Job?

Posted on July 2022 By Madeline Rowston

When Is the Best Time to Leave Your Job?

Timing is Everything when Leaving a Job.

​Leaving any job can be difficult. Whether you’re working out the best time of day or year, I’ve found some of the best tips to help you resign with style.

Should you leave at the start of the year?

Most people leave their jobs in January, February or March and according to the SMH January 31 is the most popular day of the year to resign.

With most people resigning at the beginning of the year, it opens more opportunities for job seekers also. So of course it's easier to leave when opportunities are abundant.

It’s important to consider what roles you’re seriously considering as you progress through the resignation and application process.

Consider the Time of Day

Resigning later in the day gives people time to cool off. Putting time aside to talk with your manager later in the day will give both you and your manager enough processing time and perspective being away from the office.

If you submit a resignation letter, then you should take the opportunity to schedule a meeting for the next day

The Best Time is Unique to You

Resigning is based on a number of factors specific to your role and the organisations so make sure to take these into account.

Ask yourself:

Do I have another role lined up?

Are there any opportunities for growth or learning?

How much notice do I need to give?

What projects do I need to complete before leaving?

Being thoughtful and professional are essential to finding the best time. Take into consideration when the best time is for yourself and your manager to meet, if it’s best to leave abruptly or have a series of meetings. It all depends on your situation and why you’re leaving.

This article is inspired by Girlboss.