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A desire to live in, and for, the present moment

Creator GROUP

Entertainer is one of a group of Character Types that we call Creator. The Creator, in turn, form a group within our overall Character Family as shown right:


Life-loving thrill seekers, the Entertainer is interested in people and experiences throwing themselves into relationships and life in general. Their dislike of rules and routine are justified by the view that their reason for existing is to bring harmony, sympathy and support to peoples' lives. An Entertainer may slide out of rules, regulations or obligations on the grounds that, 'I just had to do something to help.' The key words here are 'do' and 'help.'

If there is a crisis, the Entertainer will be there, taking charge, offering support, revelling in their ability to help; their energies and infectious enthusiasm, means that other people will like them and they will build relationships easily and often. The ability of the Entertainer to drop everything and provide immediate, practical support, may come at the expense of an ability to plan, schedule and prioritise.

This may also cause a blurring between social time and work time, and the immediacy of the issue will, for the Entertainer, be paramount and so it may be difficult to put an issue to 'one side' until a task is completed, or it is time to go home, etc. The desire to make work a fun place may also cause difficulties in that an Entertainer may not be able to take the hard decision - they prefer harmony and…fun.

With their pragmatic desire to help, and to do so immediately, the Entertainer will not respond well to being time-bound, or locked into a project. The Entertainer is not naturally good at follow-through, and will impulsively follow only their own urges - which tend to be the needs of others. Through meeting the needs of others, their own narcissistic needs are also met; there is a paradoxical self-indulgence in indulging others.

On the positive side the Entertainer has an ability to make others feel really special, be excellent 'glue' for a team, and good at maintaining morale. As their decisions will be emotionally or values based, people will feel they are valued and special and, whilst meetings may last longer than average, and little planning gets done, everyone leaves feeling part of something good and indeed feeling good.


Entertainers are good at many things, but will not be happy unless they have a lot of contact with people and lots of new experiences. They tend to choose roles that provide them with the opportunity to use their great people skills and practical perspective, which will also provide them with enough new challenges that they will not become bored. In a work environment the Entertainer will be the life and soul of what’s going on, energetic and lively with an enthusiasm that is infectious and a flexibility that cuts through rules, regulations and established processes.

  • A desire to live in, and for, the present moment
  • They are stimulated and excited by new experiences
  • Practical and realistic, dislike theory and long written explanations
  • Warmly interested in and great with people
  • They know how to have a good time, and how to make things fun for others
  • Independent and resourceful
  • Spontaneous - seldom plan ahead, dislike structure and routine
  • Have a more sensitive side covered up by focus on other people


Entertainers are fun and delightful to be with. They live for the moment and know how to make the most of each moment being genuinely, warmly interested in people, and keen to make others happy. Kind-hearted and generous, their affection is simple, straight-forward and honest. They dislike theory and complexities preferring things to be light and happy, although their warmth and affection runs very deep.

  • Enthusiastic and fun-loving, they make everything enjoyable
  • Being clever, witty, direct, and popular, people are drawn towards them
  • Down to earth and practical, they take care of routine needs
  • Flexible and wide ranging in interest, tend to be happy to ‘go with the flow’
  • They try to make the most of every moment
  • Generous and warm-hearted
  • An aptitude for getting the most out of any situation or place
  • Recognising and promoting the talents of others


Their potential downfall is the tendency to live entirely for the present moment, and therefore to sometimes be unaware of the direction that their relationship/career/life is heading, or to be easily distracted from long-term commitments with their desire to jump into something new. Another difficulty, which is not so much a problem for the Entertainer but for those around them, is that even when joyful or in the midst of life, they may be perceived as self absorbed and oblivious to the feelings of others, even when the truth is quite the reverse.

  • Listening and taking on board criticism objectively not personally
  • Confronting difficult situations/conflict head on rather than avoiding it
  • Thinking of themselves and their own needs above those of others from time to time
  • Sticking to the task and seeing it through - trying to see the benefit in completion
  • Listening objectively to other people’s concerns and feelings
  • Not judging others too quickly, giving them time to make an impression
  • Looking at the bigger picture and the wider consequences of any proposed action
  • Requiring deeper consideration and reflection before action in certain situations