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Celebrity endorsements: do they work?

Do celebrities add dazzle to marketing, or is the whole thing a bit of a turn off? Stars are now recruited by marketers to feature in endorsements, peer recommendations and online marketing channels as well as traditional ads. But what impact does this really have on consumer behaviour? A new...

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Date Posted: 11-02-2019

Choose to Reuse: Meet Stopgap client Garage Sale Trail & Join the Reuse Movement this October!

                     Australians are a nation of hoarders, with 89% of the population possessing unwanted or unused items. The latest findings from the Gumtree Second Hand Economy Report 2018 reveal the average Australian household has $4,200...

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Date Posted: 27-09-2018

Sonos House Is Coming To Sydney And We've Got The Inside Scoop!

Sonos is filling a landmark Sydney home with a two-week program of cool tunes, compelling conversation, exhibitions, product experiences and storytelling with change-makers from the worlds of music and the culture. Sonos House, located at 40 Queen Street, Woollahra, will be ope...

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Date Posted: 05-07-2018

3 Goals for Employers During the World Cup

You won't need reminding that the World Cup 2018 has started. Whether you're planning to spend the next few weeks on the edge of your seat or actively avoiding all things football, there are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to the workplace. With employees keen to take ti...

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Date Posted: 26-06-2018

Festive Pumpkin Pie Recipe

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Date Posted: 04-12-2017

Stopgap client R/GA unveils a series of films for the Telstra Ballet Dancer Award

Stopgap client, R/GA Sydney, has unveiled a series of intimate short films they created for the Telstra Ballet Dancer Award. The online spots were shot on location at The Australian Ballet’s Melbourne rehearsal rooms and are currently being showcased on free-to-air TV. The Telstra Ba...

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Date Posted: 27-11-2017

Google named the most trusted advertising platform

Ever wondered where you should invest your ad spend? Well, ponder no longer – a new survey by brand intelligence research company Survata has quizzed the masses to find the most popular platform for ads. Google was cited as the most trustworthy, but the report also highlighted a ...

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Date Posted: 24-11-2017


October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) and here at Stopgap Australia, we’re raring to do our bit to offer support to increase awareness of the disease and help raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The international health camp...

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Date Posted: 13-10-2017

Is the workend the new weekend?

Have you been working lots of overtime lately? Are your colleagues' weekends turning into 'workends' on a regular basis? If so, they're not alone. New research from UK-based membership organisation Boundless has found that 65% of full-time office employees do extra...

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Date Posted: 21-09-2017

Users spend half an hour on Instagram every day

Research has found that Instagram users spend up to half an hour on the platform a day – so what does this mean for marketers? The research comes from Instagram's parent company Facebook Inc. and marks Instagram Stories' first birthday. It found that time spent on the app was la...

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Date Posted: 24-08-2017

Only 25% of customer data is being used to its full potential

Effectively utilising customer data is a powerful differentiator for brands, thanks to its affinity for personalisation and driving engagement – and therefore a top skill for today's marketers to master. However, despite nearly 60% of UK organisations believing that real-time customer ...

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Date Posted: 17-08-2017

Email preferred marketing method for 89% of millennials

Email is indestructible. Despite years of naysayers portending the death of the marketing method, it continues to prove itself as an effective driver of conversions and sales. However, there is one demographic that emails are the most influential with and that's millennials. Now, millenni...

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Date Posted: 10-08-2017

Four common influencer marketing mishaps

Influencer marketing has taken the world by storm. While it has long existed in the form of celebrity endorsements, social media has shifted the scope of chosen partners and changed the way that products are advertised and presented. However, as a recent article by Business2Community&nbs...

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Date Posted: 13-07-2017

5 things that make a modern marketing leader

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes – there are the vocal ones, the lead-by-example ones, the trusting ones and the demanding ones. There’s no one-size-fits-all way to lead a team, as long as you’re producing the results, and not upsetting too many people in the process. Ho...

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Date Posted: 06-07-2017

Superpowers of a marketing marvel

To stand out in the world of marketing, you need your very own superpower. That’s not too much to ask is it? The good news is anyone can develop superpowers, it just takes the necessary time and application. Being in possession of a marketing superpower or two won’t just help you in y...

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Date Posted: 20-06-2017

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